A Wine Cellar Garage

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If you are a home owner or garage owner you may have thought a few times about what your dream home would entail. Whether it’s floor to ceiling big screen TVs or an old rustic home with oil lamps we all have a vision of what our dream home could be. It’s almost never realistic or even functional, but we have things that we would love in our home on a sort of list. One of the things that many people dream about is a wine cellar. For all the big wine drinkers the wine cellar is the epitome of class bringing the love or a beverage to a whole other level. If you’re the type who has thought about having something like a wine cellar before then what would you say to the idea of a wine cellar in your garage? Having a garage wine cellar is a great use of your garage especially if you haven’t got a car to store in your garage any longer. If you don’t have anything in your garage it is easy to just fill it with junk that doesn’t really belong in your home anymore and could pretty easily be disposed of. That space would much better be suited for something like a garage wine cellar, I can almost guarantee it.

The reason that a garage wine cellar makes sense at all is because of where the garage is located. The idea of a wine “cellar” is simple. The wine is kept at a relatively stable temperature by putting it underground. This means that you either need a basement, which just isn’t an option in some places and can be an insanely costly renovation if you don’t have one, or you need to dig something up outside your home. While this may be the most traditional option, a garage is in reality much more realistic and much cheaper at the same time. The allure of a wine cellar to future homebuyers is nice, but it most likely won’t mean a great deal of return on your investment. On the other hand having a functioning wine cellar in your garage has about the same likelihood of being a selling point as a real wine cellar for a small fraction of the cost. From a realistic and cost perspective the garage wine cellar far outweighs the real underground wine cellar option.

The thing that is most important about a wine cellar, whether it is actually underground or not is the temperature. Keeping one room between a range of two or three degrees used to be a pretty tough thing to do. This is why we used things like cellars that would stay roughly the same temperature when left alone. However, we’ve come a long way since then, we’re no longer restricted in that type of way. We have heaters and air conditioners and humidifiers and so on to keep your wine the perfect temperature no matter where it actually is. On top of all of that nowadays you can keep your wine at the optimal temperature in your garage with a not too much energy expended if you insulate your garage well and have a well insulated garage door. Making sure that your garage door and any windows are properly installed and sealed is important to making sure that you can keep your garage a constant temperature without too much trouble, but otherwise it is a pretty simple task.

Wine that is kept in your average wine cellar isn’t exactly the cheapest wine in the world. Wine for many is as much about collecting as it is the drinking and tasting. Having the right vintages and what not can be very important to some people and can also be very expensive. If you have a wine cellar you can be pretty certain that your investments in a collection will be safe. Not many intruders go directly into your wine cellar unless they know you have really expensive wines that could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. It’s not something that most people need to worry about. However, you may be thinking that if you have a wine cellar in your garage the likelihood of theft might go up. Unless you have a habit of leaving your garage door open while you aren’t around or late at night, which is something you shouldn’t do regardless of what is in your garage, this really won’t be a problem. As long as you have a properly installed garage door and a working garage door opener your garage should be just as secure as any wine cellar would be.This means that anything from Franzia to the most expensive bottle of wine is going to be easily kept safe just like it would be in an expensive wine cellar.

Having a wine cellar for many could be a personal goal, a sign that you’ve really made it in the world. You are secure enough that you can collect and enjoy some fine wines. However, there’s no reason to put that goal off just because you aren’t ready to spend a few thousand dollars digging up a wine cellar. You can much more affordably get your dream home with your very own garage wine cellar without all the wait and work that a real underground cellar would require. You can repurpose your garage easily with just some extra insulation and maybe some temperature controlling appliances and in no time you’ll have a wine cellar that will have your friends and family jealous of. You’ll be able to throw all the wine tasting parties you want and have the upside of a more flexible space if you ever grow out of your wine drinking days. If you are a big wine collector or part of one of the many wine delivery services then you also have the great fortune of easily moving it from where it was shipped directly into a place that is being heated or cooled to keep it at its best.

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