Aluminum Garage Doors

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Aluminum garage doors are on the rise, but they have never really been the most popular type of garage door for a number of reasons. With that said they do make a solid material for garage doors and should be taken into account when making a decision or talking to your garage door professional about which type of garage door you should have installed. If you are looking to replace an old garage door or just get a whole new one altogether look no further for some information on aluminum garage doors. In this article we will highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum garage door. Hopefully by the end of this article you will be able to tell your garage door professional or just know for yourself that an aluminum garage door is or isn’t the right thing for you. At the very least you should be able to bring up a few points and be able to have a conversation to assess the best garage door for you more knowledgeably. Aluminum used to be one of the most valued metals in the world, but now is one of the cheapest, which makes it a great choice for some as a garage door material.

Aluminum garage doors have the advantage of being able to be made incredibly inexpensively. A thin layer of aluminum mounted on a frame with another layer of aluminum won’t cost you much and yet is still enough to constitute a garage door. When you are looking to get a new garage door for relatively little money an aluminum garage door is certainly an easy choice. Aluminum garage doors can be made incredibly thin and still stand up to the daily rattling and opening and closing that garage doors have to go through, this means that aluminum garage doors are a very low cost starting garage door that has the ability to last a long time because it is metal. Getting a higher quality aluminum garage door will cost more money, but because the material is so inexpensive these days even the most expensive aluminum garage doors are not very expensive when compared to others.

Aside from the cost of the garage doors there is really only one other big advantage to an aluminum garage door and that is the weight. If you have ever held an aluminum can you will most likely be able to surmise that the metal is extremely lightweight. This is also true of aluminum garage doors to a point and so can help in choosing a garage door opener. Lighter doors mean you don’t need as strong of a garage door opener which in turn gives you more options. This means that your garage door opener might use less energy, be able to be made smaller and that sort of thing. It also means that in emergencies and times that your garage door opener is perhaps not working that you will be able to lift it with marginally more ease. This may not be a reason to purchase a garage door if you are thinking of only how it will work when the garage door opener is broken, but these are just ideas.

Aluminum garage doors however have a few flaws. Garage doors made from aluminum, much like the earlier aluminum can example will show you are not the strongest and most dent resistant. The material is well suited to keep out things like rain and leaves, typical things that would be trying to get into your garage, but other things it may not have the same deal of success dealing with. Aluminum garage doors come in a variety of thicknesses, but in the end aluminum can only be so strong and still make sense as a garage door. Aluminum garage doors are often the ones that you will see dented in some way because they are not the strongest sort of metal. These dents can look bad and lead to things like rust if left without doing anything. A garage door with a dent isn’t the worst thing in the world, for the most part it can still do most of its job, but it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal. Many aluminum garage doors are made in sections which means they can also be replaced in sections, but this solution doesn’t combat the fact that you still need to get your garage door partially replaced.

One last disadvantage of the aluminum garage door is insulation. Aluminum is a pretty terrible insulator and so a thin aluminum garage door with no extra insulation is a bad choice for those who need insulation from the weather or noise. Aluminum garage doors need extra insulation for them to insulate effectively which then cuts down on the advantages of cost and a light garage door. Having a light garage door may not be a huge deal, but having an inexpensive one certainly is. You then need to make the decision of whether saving on things like energy to heat and cool your home will make the extra cost of insulting your garage door worthwhile.

The aluminum garage door has been a garage door option for a while. It is a great garage door that will hold up to minimal wear and tear easily and will be extremely low maintenance for its long lifespan. Compared to a wooden garage door the prices are relatively similar but an aluminum garage door could easily last much longer and with much less maintenance needed by you or a garage door professional. The main draw to an aluminum garage door is the fact that there is not a lot of maintenance involved and the fact that it is relatively cheap to manufacture. This works best for someone who wants to pay very little and have very little to do with their garage door and also isn’t a big risk for things like large impacts or big weather shifts that would require better garage door insulation.

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