Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

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The chain drive, one of the older options for automatic garage door openers, but nevertheless one of the most common. As a home owner you may not think you really need to know exactly how each piece of your home works, and you would be ride. However, people love to learn about things they don't really need to know and it might in the future actually be quite helpful if you have this type of garage door opener or find that you need to get your garage for opener repaired in the future. The reason that the chain drive type of garage door opener is one of the most common is most likely because it is relatively inexpensive and also relatively durable. The chain drive operates probably in the simplest way out of all of the garage door openers that are out there today and is closest to something that many of us use everyday and in fact might actually keep in our garages, the bicycle. Precision garage door service offers a bunch of different types of garage doors and garage door openers, as can be seen on their <a href="">openers page</a>.

The chain drive garage door uses the same exact kind of chain that your bicycle uses in conjunction with a pulley system. That pulley system uses a number of counter balances to make sure that the chain drive glides along with the help of a small motor every time you press the button to open your garage door. These counter balances and springs are und a lot of pressure to make sure that your garage door chain is under very little pressure. This means that the chain can last a long time and be used to open and close a garage door thousands of times before needing repairs.

The simplicity of the chain drive however comes with a few drawbacks. The chain drive garage door opener is often one of the loudest types of garage doors and can continue to grow louder with age. Additionally just like the design of the bicycle it requires relatively regular maintenance. This means the chain should be lubed and tightened relatively often in order to make sure the whole mechanism is running as best it can. Making sure these easy maintenance routines are kept up to date mean a lot for this type of garage door to have a long and healthy life. These garage door openers, when taken care of correctly, can be some of the longest lasting pieces of machinery in your home. Many home owners are able to cut down on the noise factor of their chain drives significantly by making sure that any large amount of slack are taken up and that their chains are properly lubricated at all times. While these practices may not make their garage doors as quiet as some of the other types they do cut down on unnecessary noise.

The complaint that one could have about the chain drive garage door opener being loud is one that should be explained a bit further. We pretty much always expect a garage door opener to be loud, that stereotypical roar or groan that we think of when we think of a garage door opener is most likely from a chain drive garage door opener. Because it is the most common it is the one that we hear most often and essentially associate with all garage doors. Nobody expects their garage door to be whisper quiet and so simply saying that chain drive garage door opener is loud then may be misleading. The chain drive is just about as loud as you would expect a garage door to be and in fact keeping it well lubricated and maintained will keep that noise factor down a fair bit. Because no one expects a garage door to run all day the fact that there will be a bit of noise a few times a day when your garage door is opening and closing is really not all to surprising and hard to deal with. The noise factor in fact is rather easy to get over when you realize that this type of garage door opener is one of the least costly and most durable types of garage door openers. When you think about it the noise factor could even be seen as a security measure, alerting you to the fact that somebody is using your garage door and if that person is you then you probably won't be doing anything that really necessitates quiet it can be assumed. The complaint of a garage door being too loud can really only effect a small number of people who might have a house full of people getting up and moving at all hours of the night and day.

If you can't figure out why the chain drive garage door opener is right for you feel free to ask your local garage door professional how it works exactly so you can decide for yourself. Another way to think about it is to think of your garage door opener like something out of a cartoon almost. You put a bicycle with a long chain connected to the garage door inside the garage and whenever you press your garage door opener remote a light goes off instructing somebody to pedal really quickly in order to raise or lower your garage door at a reasonable speed. Now that may not be the most scientific way to think about a garage door, but if it helps you figure out how your garage door works or understand why it might not be working then all the better. Keep in mind however, that your garage door chain may look to be slack and not under a lot of pressure at times, but the other portions of your garage door are under a great deal of pressure to make sure that it works correctly and efficiently so don't mess with those parts unless you know what you are doing. Garage doors don't have to be a confusing modern mechanical marvel, but they should command at least a portion of your respect as to the dangers they can posed when in the wrong hands.

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