Composite Wooden Garage Doors

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One type of garage door material that has been on the rise has been composite wooden garage doors. Wooden garage doors have been around for a long time, but composite wood garage doors are a bit newer. Composite wooden garage doors use a number of pieces of wood to essentially create one larger garage door with a few pieces of lesser would to keep it all together. Wood is always a touchy subject for many because it is natural so we are drawn to it in some ways, but it also feels wasteful if it isn’t sourced and recycled correctly. Wooden garages have been the main type of garage door for a long time and only in the past few decades has the market started to splinter. When compared to traditional wooden garage doors the composite wood garage door has many of the same benefits and few of the drawbacks making it a great contender to the next best thing in the garage door market. Knowing what sort of garage door might be right for you can save you a lot of hassle, time and uncertainty. Being able to talk about some of the pros and cons of different garage door choices will help you figure out what your garage door professional thinks is really best for you and why.

Something that was mentioned earlier was the idea that we love wood, but aren’t always sure how to use it guilt-free. Environmentalism is something that is on everyone’s minds more these days so knowing that your garage door doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment is important for many. Happily we can report that composite wood garage doors for the most part check out well when it comes to the environmental standpoint. A lot of the wood used, especially on the portions of the composite wooden garage door that aren’t visible are recycled. They are most likely smaller chips of wood that otherwise might not be used and so you can rest easy knowing that aside from the nice facade, your garage door is about as recycled as a newspaper. When you eventually grow tired of it or it breaks somewhere down the road it could very well be made into more composite wooden garage doors, and so the cycle goes on. You can ask your garage door professional to verify before you have one installed, but it is pretty certain that the door will be in some way or another recycled.

Composite wooden doors as was said earlier have a lot more benefits than your average wooden garage door. Composite wood garage doors are treated and constructed so that the many of the problems with traditional wood garage doors don’t need to be faced. Maintenance of the door is far easier and so the garage door will last longer with less fuss. This means that the average garage door owner can enjoy a more durable garage door with less hassle of needing to tend to it every few months and spend money on it. So this seems really like the best case scenario for everyone involved.

One negative or drawback to the composite wooden garage door is that the looks can sometime not be perfect. With thinner exterior wood and lesser quality wood in most cases it can be noticeable that the wood isn’t of the best quality. This of course isn’t a big problem for most as you’ll be staining it or painting it and don’t have wood experts around in your garage every weekend, but for some the near perfectness can be annoying so we’ve mentioned it here just to be safe. If you think you may have some doubts about a composite wood garage door you can certainly ask your garage door professional about seeing a sample garage door or something which you can then have the opportunity to see things for your self.

Wood naturally has some good noise and temperature insulation qualities, however the way that composite wood garage doors are constructed these benefits are (don’t mind the pun) amplified. The pockets in the garage door and wood surrounding them and more sorts of science apparently make these garage doors especially great at cutting down on noise and temperature exchange which means that if they aren’t extreme in your garage you may get away with not having to do any other forms of insulation for your garage door. This means you can save money on this while you enjoy a long lasting wooden garage door, which sounds like a pretty great dream.

Wooden garage doors aren’t super new and they essentially take the great things from wooden garage doors and make them better. They may cost a bit more, but they can far outlast their more traditional counterparts which means that in the end you will most likely end up saving money. Add on top of that the money you will save from the garage door’s natural insulation and you are looking at a relatively cheap garage door that will help you on your energy bill for years to come. If you are smitten with the idea of something natural like a wooden garage door but don’t feel up to all the downsides and maintenance then a composite wooden garage door is a pretty easy choice. Talk to your garage door professional about it to make sure that it is the best decision for you, but you will definitely be seeing more of these around the neighborhood in the near future. They are also an environmentally friendly option for those that like to look ahead to how their old garage door might be used and look back to make sure that they are recycling resources when they can. If you are in love with the look of wood but don’t want all the trouble that comes with it or just like the traditional look then check out a composite wooden garage door and see if it can fool you.

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