Direct Drive Garage Door Openers

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We recently looked at chain driven garage door openers and came to the conclusion that they are pretty great. They may be loud, but they're durable, reliable and relatively cheap considering what a great job they do. If you take a look at the <a href=""> garage door openers </a> page on the website you will find that the next type of garage door opener that is offered to you when installing a new garage door opener or replacing an older garage door opener is the belt drive garage door opener. If you followed along with the previous post then you will have a general idea of how the chain drive garage door opener works. You then are in luck, because the belt drive garage door opener works with the same principles in mind but instead of a metal chain like you would find on your bike it uses a rubbery belt. What does this small difference mean for your garage door and why should you choose one type of garage door over the other one?

A rubber belt offers one big advantage over a metal chain and that is noise. Garage doors typically make a ton of noise, but instead this belt will cut down on the amount of noise created by your garage door immensely. If you haven't got a garage door opener installed and you are trying to decide between these two types you may want to imagine what a comparison would sound like between the two types of garage door openers running. As for the noise factor you can use that same bike that let you get a grasp on how your chain driven garage door works and use it for this demonstration. Imagine riding your bike on your typical air filled rubber tires, this would be the belt driven option, and then imagine riding your bicycle on its metal rims. The sound difference would be pretty huge and there would probably be some slipping every so often on the metal rims. Now obviously the situations aren't identical, but it will give you an idea of what the two materials mean in different situations. Also, bear in mind that the belt of a garage door opener in the belt drive is not simply "rubber", but is instead often a reinforced rubbery belt to help with wear and tear and the stress put onto the belt, much like the belts in your car.

With that said you need to think about something, garages are almost always loud. It simply comes with the territory, if you have a largely empty room with your typical cement room it is a recipe for noise. The belt drive is one way to cut down on that, but do you really need to have the quietest garage door opener in your neighborhood? That is up to you. Do you have somebody living above your garage, are your neighbors big complainers when it comes to noise? These are two reasons that you might want to look into a belt drive as opposed to a chain drive garage door opener. If you have converted the space above your garage into a bedroom or something similar the functionality of the room will be compromised by something like a loud garage door, whereas a less noisy garage door would mean somebody might be able to sleep through the openings and closings of a garage door late at night or early in the morning. Similarly if you find yourself needing to use your garage door opener at all hours of the night or at times that might be a nuisance to your neighbors that live nearby then you may find that a belt drive garage door opener is worth the investment.

Another benefit of the belt garage door opener is the fact that it has less of a tendency to slip because the belt is meant to be tight. This means that instead of jerking your garage door there will be a smooth raising or lowering process instead. This means less stress put on the motor of your garage door opener and less vibration and stress carried over to your garage door. All of this minimization of motion means that the wear and tear on the rest of your garage door parts will be significantly less. This means that maintenance will be less frequent and that all in all the many moving parts that are under stress from the everyday workings of your garage door won't be as troublesome.

However all of these benefits of course come at a small cost. This smooth operation and quiet garage door opener will run you more money in the long run most likely. The belt will cost more to start off than your typical chain drive and the repairs to the belt will be more costly if they do occur. However, with the smoother operation of the door in general you may even find that your other parts and garage door stand up better to wear and tear because of this difference. In the end the most important thing to figure out is if your lifestyle and the applications of your garage door openers best fit your garage door and how you will be using your garage. The best way to figure this out is to speak with a garage door installation or repair professional and present them with what your findings are. They should then be able to advise you best on which garage door opener is worth it for you to invest in. For many the belt drive may in fact be that option because it is one of the best fits for those looking to get the most out of an attached garage without needing to constantly maintain and check on their garage door. The belt drive garage door opener also has the main draw of being near silent, which means every part of your home near the garage door is just as usable as the rest.

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