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A broken garage door isn't always the worst thing in the world. I'm sure that is something that as a home owner you would never think, but often when something goes wrong like the door starts to stutter or a new driver backs into the garage door by accident we immediately think that the whole garage door system is ruined. You'll be worried about the possible thousands of dollars that you are in for if you get the whole thing replaced so you put off getting it looked at, repaired or replaced for just far too long. The thing about these sorts of things is that the longer you wait the more likely it is that something bad could actually happen. That "bad thing" could be simply your garage door stops working in its entirety or something as bad as somebody getting injured or your car getting damaged. So stay tuned to the rest of this article and you will find that it is always better to call somebody sooner than later. Don't hesitate to get your garage door checked out by a professional because the reality honestly will probably be much more palatable than what could happen down the road or what you have cooked up in your head about what may need to be done to your garage door.

Often the things that break a garage door are silly, like a car backing up into a garage door panel. This can easily be a job that a professional comes out to fix in no time at all and results in a pretty small bill. You will most likely be told to sit tight and not use the garage door while it is damaged just to make sure it is safe and that no more damage is done to the garage door system. Then somebody will come out to inspect the garage door and if there is nothing else that was damaged in the little "accident" and if not then they will replace your garage door panel, maybe tune up the system and be on their way. If you get somebody to come and take a look at your garage door right away you looking at most likely a few hours of literal "downtime" for your garage door and then you are back to business as usual with a very minor inconvenience.

However, if you choose to do things the hard way you could be faced with a much less appealing situation down the road. Putting off that call to a garage door professional is definitely not a great idea, but doing so as well as continuing to use a knowingly damaged garage door is jus foolhardy and worse. This can not only be dangerous for you and anyone who uses your garage, as garage springs can be extremely dangerous if not cared for properly, it can also lead to a lot more money needing to be spent in the long run. If you continue to run a garage door that isn't running properly the other parts will quickly wear down more quickly from misalignment and uneven stress being put on them.

One of the great thing about garage doors is that there is a huge number of them that are paneled. This means that when these little mishaps do happen that you thankfully only have to replace one or two panels or at the most hopefully only the garage door portion. This leaves the rest of the garage door or the rest of the garage door system intact to lift and descend for you again and again. While this may seem like a small consolation for some it is certainly better than shelling out the price you paid in the first place to get an entirely new garage door system just because of a small driveway mistake or something. Be glad that garage doors are not a one size fits all single use unit that makes it impossible to swap out and replace parts easily (think a certain fruit based tech company), but instead makes it simple and cost effective to keep your garage door running well and hopefully quietly with very little actual money needing to be put into the system after installation. Your garage door panels may be some of the most expensive out there, but there is still no way that you would rather be paying for a whole garage door instead of one panel if you happen to need to replace something.

In summary, don't put off that call. It may seem scary at first to pick up the phone and talk to your local garage door professional, but many can give you 24 hour assistance to help put your mind and wallet at ease as soon as possible. For small problems and damages you are certainly doing more damage to yourself and your entire garage door system by sitting and waiting. All in all garage doors are also dangerous, they may lumber along or jerk a bit on their tracks slowly which makes you think that if anything were to really happen you could certainly see it coming, but that just isn't true. The mechanism behind your garage door is under pressure almost constantly to remain closed or to remain open, if something goes truly wrong because of a small mishap it can quickly become life threatening. Spring uncoiling, cables snapping and having the garage door crash down can actually happen which is why it is always best to keep your garage door in working condition so that you don't endanger yourself or your family. When you think about all of that I am sure it is much easier to rationalize paying a few dollars now rather than paying big bills later to have a safe and operating garage door.

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