Fiberglass Garage Door Materials

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Fiberglass garage doors are still a bit of a mystery to many. Fiberglass is a relatively new material that’s been used in things like airplanes, cars, boats and that type of thing. Now there are a number of companies out there that are making fiberglass garage doors. If you don’t know anything about fiberglass or fiberglass garage doors in particular then don’t worry. In this article we will look at a few of the things that fiber glass garage doors are good at and why or why not you should stick one on your garage. If you somehow already have a garage door made out of fiberglass then you might be a bit late to the party, but you can still learn from this article. Whether you are just looking to know a thing or two about what your garage door professional is talking about when they talk about the different garage door choices or want to give them some suggestions when it comes to picking out your garage door’s material this article will give you a bit of the information you will need regarding fiberglass garage doors. Garage doors haven’t changed too much in the past few centuries really, the garage door opener systems have gotten much more advanced and technical but all in all the garage doors have stayed relatively the same. The fiberglass garage door however is an outlier, being a material that has much more recently been developed.

The first thing about the fiberglass garage door is that aesthetically it has a few problems. Most garage doors nowadays are being styled to look like the original wooden sort of garage doors. They are given panels and wood grains like a wooden garage door but are of course made from other materials. Steel and aluminum garage doors at this point are pretty good at pulling of this facade, and of course wooden garage doors look pretty similar to wooden garage doors. However, fiberglass garage doors don’t mimic the grain of wood as well as the others. It isn’t as passable and can sometimes look a bit off if you look at things too intently. Another aesthetic issue that you will run into with a fiberglass garage door is aging. Fiberglass garage doors that get too much sun or sun over a long period of time like a couple of years will start to get sun damage. The sun will cause the fiberglass to fade and it could even get lines of where the sun hits it etc. It won’t look awful, but if your garage door is in direct sunlight for a large portion of the day you may want to try another garage door material.

Aside from the aesthetic problems that might arise the fiberglass garage door is pretty solid otherwise. If a harsh sun isn’t a big problem for your garage door then the fiberglass garage door might be for you. Fiberglass garage doors are very strong and because they aren’t made of metal they don’t have a lot of the shortcoming that metal has. Fiberglass is incredibly strong and is actually more dent resistant than any of the other garage door materials out there. It can stand up to high winds and all sorts of pressures without cracking or denting. This makes it great for areas that experience things like heavy rain and even things like hurricanes and tornadoes. Another thing about the strength of the material is how is doesn’t corrode like other metals do making it ideal for areas with lots of salty water around. Coastal areas that have lots of storms and salt water in the air, on trucks etc are perfect places for a fiberglass garage door to really shine. While other metal doors would eventually wear down from the salt water and where wooden doors would get eaten away at by the moisture fiberglass garage doors will be able to stand up to these types of things more easily. This means that you don’t need to check as often for things like rust or paint chipping or other signs of damage that need to be dealt with.

Another pro for fiberglass garage doors is that they are light. Fiberglass is extremely light for how strong it is, which is why they use it in things like cars, planes and boats. If the speed of your garage door opener is really important to you going with a fiberglass garage door may be the best idea. Fiberglass can be lifted quickly and with relative ease by all of the garage door openers out there. Speed may not be a huge concern for many garage door owners out there, but when you think of the small amount of time that you spend every day waiting to get in or out of your garage you may start to reconsider. If you have the opportunity to replace both the garage door and your garage door opener there is no reason not to talk to your garage door professional about some of the speed improvements they might be able to give you when it comes to your garage door.

Fiberglass doors really are the new guy on the block when it comes to garage doors. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it happens to be right for you. Fiberglass garage doors have quite a few of their own advantages. They are extremely light and can shave a few seconds off of a daily task if you go about it the right way. A fiberglass garage door also is astoundingly strong even when compared to metal doors like the steel or aluminum garage doors that are quite popular. Fiberglass garage doors can stand up to all sorts of wind and weather without much risk of cracking or denting because of the strength of the material. Fiberglass garage doors also can hold up to water and even salt water without the fear of corrosion, making them perfect for areas where salt water are extremely prevalent. On the downside however are some aesthetic elements. Fiberglass garage doors can really fade with sun exposure over time and won’t look good at all if they are in direct sunlight after a few years. The effects are pretty obvious and hard to reverse. Another problem with the fiberglass garage door aesthetically is that they

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