Bad Garage Door Materials

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When it comes to garage doors there is a lot to talk about. There are so many differences to think about between one garage door system and another and it is all about getting the perfect combination of those different things in order to suit you and your lifestyle the best. There are so many things that can mean the perfect garage door system. The brand or model of garage door opener, the type of material used for the garage door, the type of garage door opener. The different options are almost endless, almost but not. However one of the important decisions you must make when first choosing what type of garage door you will want is what material do you want your garage door to be made out of? Do you want a wooden garage door, an aluminum garage door, a steel garage door, we could go on for quite a while. The thing is that there are new technologies and ideas that are coming up every day and new materials that could potentially be used for garage doors. The best material for a garage door may not have even been thought up yet. However there is just a long list of garage door materials that just aren’t right. Things that are out there, that could definitely be constructed, but would be pretty laughable to do so. Those materials are what this article is all about. All of the materials that we should never see making up a garage door.

The first of these materials that won't make a good garage door is a favorite of many in the lower age brackets, paper mache. Paper Mache is a great way to make things like pinatas or children crafts because it is extremely cheap to make and can be molded into pretty much any shape, but that is where all of the positives of the material end. There is a reason that it is relegated to children’s projects, it just doesn’t hold up Your every day garage door has to hold up to a lot of wear and tear and a combination of paste and newspaper is just not going to cut it. It may be light enough to use a garage door opener with barely any power, but it will crumble at the slightest amount of force. It’s brittle and that first rain is going to dampen the whole thing and you’ll end up with a pile of newspaper rather than a garage door.

What is up next then? Next is one of the cheapest materials out there. It has been used as a building material before, but just isn't really suited for garage doors. What we are talking about is Ice. It’s free if it’s cold enough outside and can be a great insulated and somewhat strong in the right circumstances, but for a garage door you are better off looking elsewhere. A garage door made out of ice is either going to be too thin to be helpful or too heavy to be lifted. Either way you are losing out on a major positive of having a garage door. A lot of things can go wrong with a garage door made out of ice, in the summer you are not going to have one because it will be too hot for ice, but if you somehow live in a climate where it is below freezing often it still doesn’t make sense. If you raise your garage door too quickly the ice could shatter and rain down on your car scratching it, or just melt while up and drench your car. Either way you have brought the weather, one of the main reasons to have a garage door, back into the equation. In conclusion, ice garage doors are a no go.

We have hit some pretty bad ones, but this next one might take the cake for being one of the worst materials you could use, while being actually relatively similar to some of the other materials that garage doors are usually made out of. Gold, would make a horrible garage door. Gold is one of the heavier metals out there. For garage doors this is not a selling point, lightness is best especially when coupled with strength. Something that isn’t taxing for a garage door opener to open but is still strong enough to hold up to a fair bit of force. Gold is neither of these things. Gold dents easily and is incredibly heavy. Also if you hadn’t heard it is one of the most expensive metals out there due to its relative scarcity. On top of all of that, your garage door would look pretty gaudy and might even get stolen. You also don’t want to be coming home one day as the sun is going down and get hit with a ray of sunlight because of your polished golden garage door.

There are a lot of great things happening in the world of design and we very well may be inventing new materials every day that will one day help the world. However, these aren’t the types of materials that make great garage doors. Great garage doors are cheap, durable, light, strong and if at all possible biodegradable. While ice is the essence of cheap and biodegradable it is not enough of the other things to be a viable candidate. Paper mache is similarly ill equipped and gold is a material that is out of a lot of people’s price range for a ring let alone a garage door. It simply isn’t feasible and even if it were it would still be a pretty terrible choice compared to the much stronger, cheaper and more durable metals that are available to us today. Hopefully nobody sold you a garage door made out of any of these materials because if they did you will have most certainly been swindled. If you have got any ideas that might make terrible garage doors feel free to leave them in the comments section, if not feel free to head to the second rendition of things that would not make good garage doors.

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