Garage Door Appreciation

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Do you underestimate how often you use your garage door? There are simple things in our lives that we often overlook, but the benefits of acknowledging the little things of importance in your life can be extremely powerful. Something as simple and seemingly mundane as your garage door opening can be transformed into something like an appreciation for the little things in life or just a moment to understand that your garage door opening at the touch of a button is actually a pretty cool thing. Something that would not have been possible just a century or so ago but now is extremely common place. In this article we are going to look at a few of the things you can do to take yourself out of the moment and slow things down for those two seconds while your garage door opener does it’s work. It may seem like an odd thing to do, but the little things in life sometimes pass us by so why not take a moment that you probably aren’t doing anything else during to be grateful for something simple in your life that is really quite marvelous.

One thing you can do while that garage door is opening as you wait to revers out of your garage or drive out if you backed in is to just watch it. Your car takes two seconds to start most likely, and you might even be able to start it from in your house if you’re lucky. You then can put on your seat belt in a second and the rest of the time you really don’t have anything to do. Don’t take out your phone or tune the radio right away, just enjoy the moment. You’ll get to watch as your neighborhood or whatever is directly visible to you becomes clear to you just before you leave your home. It may be just a few seconds or even just one after you have gotten yourself already to go before your garage door is fully open, but sometimes that is all we need.You’ll get to enjoy for a moment the fact that you aren't there lifting your garage door yourself and that you can go from your home to work or wherever with almost no interaction with the outside world really. So take a moment every so often to enjoy that and acknowledge maybe just how different life would’ve been fifty years ago or something like that. You’ll really appreciate it more that way.

Another way to really drive the point home of how useful and great an automatic garage door is for any home owner is to not use it. It may seem counter productive but if you set aside a day sometime where you simply didn’t use your garage door opener at all and kept your garage door closed from morning until night you would definitely start looking at it differently.While this isn’t the most recommended thing in the world, because you won’t be able to get to your car if it’s parked there and you really shouldn’t park your car outside your garage if you have to, doing it for one day isn’t a huge risk to your car’s security. Regardless if you end up just using your front and back doors for a day and don’t actually do any driving because you don’t use you're garage door then you will definitely realize the amount of time and effort an automatic garage door opener and a garage really saves you. It will be a day of inconvenience for years of moments of gratitude when your garage door opens at the push of a button.

The last way to really appreciate the work that your garage door is doing is something that is a little out there, but could be the best way to do it. On the plus side it is also a kind of quirky healthy thing that you could do. The idea would be especially easy if you have a home gym in half of your garage and a car in the other half, but regardless you should be able to do it. The plan would be to lift a barbell of say one hundred pounds once over your head and then back down to the ground overtime you come home or leave from your garage. This will help you get an idea of just the kind of work that your garage door is saving you from every day many times a day. Lifting and putting down that kind of weight even for just one day will have you getting out of your car and into your car just like you would if you had to actually lift your garage door manually every time that it needed to be opened or closed. This may not be the best time of year to be doing it because the cold will make you especially grateful, but regardless that may be all the more reason to do it now.

Your garage door and garage door opener might not be the appliances you thank yourself for buying overtime they work. They might not get as much verbal or mental praise as your great refrigerator or your dish washer, but they still deserve a little credit for all that they do. If you follow any of these steps then you will definitely start to see that you are indeed more thankful for your garage door than you would have originally thought. It shouldn’t take more than a day of setting aside a few moment’s thought to really appreciate the amount of time and effort that having a working garage door opener saves you from. You also will be more likely to take things like garage door maintenance seriously as you see what would happen if just for a day your garage door were to break unexpectedly. This means that by taking the time to think about your garage door and garage door opener maybe more than you usually do you could in fact save yourself a whole lot of trouble and money.

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