Garage Door Design Trends

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Garage doors have a huge impact on your home's curb appeal. Garage doors make up a large portion of your home's exterior and oftentimes are the most visible portion of your home, especially from the street. There is no room for landscaping on your driveway so the garage doors of your home have to be pretty well taken care of and stylish in order to keep your curb appeal up and go with he rest of your home. One of the reasons that you might be thinking about getting a new garage door installed is to make your home look more up to date, current, or modern so to speak. This is a great idea because your garage door won't cost too much, especially when compared to the major change in your home's exterior it can affect. One thing you will want to look at when updating your home's garage door is what types of styles are becoming popular so that when your home goes on the market your new garage door will make the home look and feel up to date and modern. A trendy new garage door look however isn't just for those who are looking to sell in the near future. Many of us like to have an up to date home because our tastes change with trends and prevailing styles. Below you'll read about some of the newer styles and design trends that are taking the garage door world by storm. Adopting them now could help you be the hippest home owner on your block or could help you land that sale on your home all the quicker. Obviously if any of the following designs aren't quite for you there's no reason to be pushed into a trend you aren't on board with so just wait around until the new batch comes along.

One of the biggest trends for garage doors lately has become using real wood panels. Wood has long been one of the choice materials for garage doors, but now many people are choosing not to paint or otherwise finish their wooden garage doors with little more than stain or varnish. Wooden garage doors offer a great traditional yet modern look to a home but can also darken a home's exterior quite a bit. With a wooden door there are really two choices, you can go with wooden panels and simply choose not to have them painted or go with one larger piece of wood to be a solid single piece garage door. Obviously the second choice would be the more on trend however it would also be slightly more costly. Getting a sizable piece of wood without the flaws that would need to be covered up with paint would cost a fair amount of money. You could also go for more exotic wood grains adding another element of trendiness to the garage door, but again this would also add a fair bit of expense to the garage door. Wooden paneled garage doors are usually relatively cheap compared to the other materials that are often used for garage doors and so a paneled wooden garage door is certainly a cheaper yet stylish alternative. The upkeep on wooden garage doors can be greater than other types of doors, but a wood paneled garage door would also have longevity because once the trend of exposed wood dies down over the years you will easily be able to paint it giving your garage door new life and a new look at a very small cost. All in all if you are really looking to impress or are just enamored with the idea of a single piece wooden door then it is certainly the idea for you. However if you are just looking for a stylish change for a garage door then a stained wooden paneled garage door is certainly the way to go. If either of these types of trendy wooden garage doors sound like the perfect way for you to revamp your home's look then get on the phone or chat online with a local garage door professional and find out when you can get one installed.

Another one of the big trends of recent has been color. Garage doors have often been relegated to being varying shades of white and gray with some being allowed to delve into browns or pale yellows at times. Those days re over, at least for now. Have you're garage door be an accent color that matches your weathervane or make it match your deep red front door. garage doors are becoming more and more of a statement and so can be nearly any color under the sun these days. Obviously beiges off whites and grey will make up the bulk of the garage doors out there, but use your garage to show a bit more style and flavor than that. You should obviously not be just paint your garage door a baby blue to make a statement, but choose a color that complements and matches your house's current style and colorings in order for the whole thing to be as good looking and cohesive as possible. A garage door with some color can make your whole home seem brighter and less drab, so this is a great way to not only make you house look more current, but to make it look more appealing. The great thing about a color change to your garage door is that you should be able to get away with doing it yourself if your really want to. If you are confident in your ability to paint then there is nothing stopping you from giving your whole home a big overhaul by simply repainting your garage door. If you aren't so sure about the color to paint your garage door or that you can do a professional looking job there are many people who can surely provide the service at a reasonable cost, especially when compared to a new garage door.

A third big trend that has become more popular, especially in newer homes is bigger garage doors. Not necessarily bigger in the sense of wider in order to let more cars through, but taller. Taller garage doors have the same sore of panache as high ceilings and in fact require higher ceilings for your garage to begin with. Taller garage doors allow for more storage height wise and can also be helpful when it is necessary to store larger vehicles like RVs or trailers at times. Bigger has been "better" for a long time and garage doors have finally caught up with the trend it seems. Taller garage doors will make your home seem bigger and overall like it costs more money. If this is your hope or you just have the type of lifestyle where you think you may need all the garage door height you can use then a taller garage door might just be right for you. If you think you are in need of or simply want a taller garage door then get in touch with a garage door professional to see if your home is suited for one and if not what needs to be done to make it so.

The last big trend that I'm going to be going over today is a bit harder to describe, but when you see if you will certainly recognize the fact that it has become popular design trend. This new style is the style of small additions to your garage door. Things like faux hinges and handles that won't actually be used. These sorts of details give your garage door a "barn" like feel or a more traditional carriage house look. Much like the repainting of a garage door this trend will cost little more than a trip to the hardware store and a few bucks most likely. Many of these aesthetic affectations are available online or at your local hardware store and require very little home improvement expertise to apply. One of the problems with this trend is that they really only work on doors that are built with these sort of embellishments in mind and so if your garage door is not of that kind you may find yourself looking at garage doors that have a more old fashioned or traditional look. If you don't think your home's garage door will look good with these embellishments but still want them then take a look at some pictures of garage doors that work and get in touch with your local garage door professional and see if they have an suggestions. For the most part you may find another route to go but if you are set on this old fashioned embellished look it can be a great reason to invest in a new garage door.

Trends obviously come and go, but that is not to say that a garage door shouldn't at least follow some the more recent stylistic choices of the recent years. You never know which of these trends might become the long lasting trend that lasts then next few decades. In any case having a modern and up to date garage door will make your whole home look better and more modern with very little investment on your part as a home owner. Whether you are looking to sell your home in the near future, entice a stale real estate market or simply give yourself a better looking home a garage door update is a great and inexpensive way to do so. If any of these sound like they may be up your alley and you don't feel that you are up to taking care of them on your own, which for some of them you certainly shouldn't, then make sure to get in touch with a garage door professional with some of your hot new garage door ideas and see what they think they can do for you.

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