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Garage Door Expectations

Garage doors come with some very simple expectations. Most people who live in the suburbs or really just anywhere that isn’t all condos and apartments know how a garage door operates more or less. They know how a garage door opener operates in the sense that they know that you pass a button the garage door opens, you push the button and the garage door closes. It isn’t the most comprehensive understanding of what is a complex machine and has some form of computerization to it, but nonetheless it is what the layman really sees. This is perfectly fine of course. Those understandings and expectations are pretty much all you need to get a lot out of your garage door. Whether you are a normal garage door user, using it every day in your commute to work or if you are someone who maybe doesn’t even use a car everyday but still uses their garage door every week or so you still most likely understand this bare minimum of what a garage door does and doesn’t do. You have certain expectations as to how a garage door is supposed to function. In this article we are going to take a look at these expectations and hopefully let you learn bit more about them or at least show you some ways to tell how you should proceed if your garage door is not meeting those expectations.

First let’s look at the first expectation we have of our garage doors. We expect them to open when we press the button to open them. Whether the garage door is being opened by remote, by a keypad or by the button that is housed in the garage this is a pretty simple thing to do. It’s one of the main three things that a garage door really is supposed to do. However, if it isn’t happening there are a number of reasons that that could be. The remote could be out of batteries. If this is the case you should be able to try one of the other ways to open the garage door. If none of them are working it is likely more serious. If you are hearing some response from the garage door opener when you try to open the garage door but nothing is happening it most likely needs a visit from a garage door professional and could very well be something like a broken chain or garage door spring that is keeping your garage door grounded.

The second thing you expect your garage door to do is to stay down when you want it to stay down. This one is pretty much always going to be working correctly unless something is wrong with the garage door itself or something isn’t set up correctly with the security of your garage door opener. Keeping your garage door shut is something serious that your garage door needs to do because many people rely, and rightly so, on their garage door as a major security force in their home. Many home owners use their garage door to protect not just the contents of the garage but their home as well making it a very important facet of the garage doors job. If you find that your garage door isn’t doing this and you cannot figure out why by looking at the manual and maybe reprograming your keypad or something it may be a good idea to stop using your garage door. Disengage the garage door opener and unplug it as well. This should mean that your garage door will open for nobody. Take this time to call a professional to come and fix it. Also remember to lock the door that connects your garage to your house as well if you have an attached garage door.

The last thing that most of us expect from our garage doors is that they close. It is the thing we inevitably need from them after they’ve opened for us and it should be relatively simple for them to do. Most of the time if you’ve managed to open your garage door up it will be able be closed. However if this isn’t the case it is best to leave it open. While garage doors may seem light if you open them yourself or seem relatively safe, there is no knowing what is going on if it isn’t closing. A garage door that is staying open of its own accord is not something you really want to push. If you can’t get it to close after a few tries it is best left to a professional. You don’t want a garage door coming crashing down while you are around and if you continue to mess with it that could easily happen. It is best to simply lock your other doors if need be and wait until a professional can come to take a look at things.

These are some simple expectations that most people have for their garage doors. While they may be very easy to understand they are sadly not the easiest things to figure out when they go wrong, obviously because there are a number of different things that could go wrong with your garage door that could have the same outcome. This is why it is important to know what to do when your garage door isn’t meeting your expectations. You can of course try and fix things a bit by yourself. It could be that all your garage door needs is a bit of a rest and some lubrication, but if it doesn’t meet your expectations more than once it is very likely that your garage door and garage door opener have some real problems. This means that you should not be trying to fix things yourself as you could get quite hurt. It is best in these cases to leave things until you can find a garage door professional to try and help you figure out the problem. In most cases in fact you won’t need to wait long at all.