Garage Door Failings

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Unsurprisingly, I am of the mind that garage doors and garages are in a way somewhat underrated. They are used everyday and yet they really don’t see a lot of praise for the work they are doing. They may not be solving world hunger one garage door opening at a time, but they are providing a service that many of us would really miss or regret not having if it was gone or even just provided a lower quality service. Because they are not often thought about as a necessary piece of machinery or appliance this article is going to look at a few ways in which they could be made to bring you a lower quality of service and just how that would affect you. The average home owner may not think about their garage door and garage door opener everyday, which they probably shouldn’t, but every once in a while it may not be a bad idea to give the appliance a bit of respect or acknowledgement. This hopefully will lead to home owners maintaining their garage doors and garage door openers better which means that everybody wins. Better maintenance leads to greater longevity and a better quality of service. In particular this article will look at things like safety, security and weather protection to help drive the point home that if your garage door and garage door opener dipped in quality in any of these areas you would not be happy about it.

The first we will go through is probably the least important, but still relatively big for a garage door and that is protection from weather. One of your garage door’s main goals is to keep your garage free of all of the things that come with weather. The dirt, snow, hail, ice and rain that all can come from having nothing protecting your things outside all have to be stood up to by your garage door. If your garage were to stop protecting your car and the other things you might store in your garage for just one storm you would definitely be regretting not having a better quality garage door or whatever had led to the malfunction. Your car will most likely not be ruined, but a bad storm can do some serious damage to a paint job on a car and will at the very least mean that your car needs to be washed. Your car however is probably one of the more durable things in your garage. A storm’s worth of rain or any precipitation means that a lot of things that you may store in your garage will need to be at the very least cleaned and many of them may be ruined.

One of the other things that you rely on your garage door and garage door opener for is security. Many home owners in fact do not even lock the door which connects the garage to the house, which you really should do though. However, many people trust their garage doors and garage door openers to not open for anyone but their family and maybe a person or two that they know. This isn’t a misplaced trust, however if just one time it opened up when no one was home or when somebody was passing by it could be disastrous really. Letting someone into your home who you don’t know or you don’t want in there can be pretty traumatizing and there are all sorts of things that could happen that we won’t get into. Suffice it to say that you should be pretty glad that your garage door stays closed the majority of the time and only opens for the people that you want it to open for.

Lastly is the safety of your garage door. Garage doors are pretty heavy things even when your garage door springs are offsetting the bulk of the load. That weight could be pretty dangerous if it wasn’t handled correctly. However, this is what a garage door and garage door opener are designed to do. They are designed to move that weight up and down at a reasonable pace so that nobody gets hurt by it. If you were to look at the number of injuries related to garage doors and garage door openers you would definitely find that while there are a small number a year they are usually a product of negligence or a lack of maintenance rather than problems with the garage doors and garage door openers themselves. There are a multitude of safety mechanisms that come into play when it comes to garage doors and garage door openers and if one of them were to have a problem though it could mean something like a scratched bumper or something far worse.

Hopefully things about some of the problems that garage doors could have but don’t has opened your eyes a bit to regarding your garage door and garage door opener with a bit more appreciation. In the future you may be able to think about garage door maintenance more often even because you will be reminded every so often of how big of a difference you garage door and garage door openers make when they are working correctly.

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