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Previously we have looked at things like how to keep your garage in top notch condition. It is something that you will want to do for a variety of reasons. A well kept up garage door means that your garage door is going to cause you less stress and will most likely end up lasting a lot longer while still costing less than if you did not keep your garage door well maintained. This means that while the garage door may cost a bit more to keep in good shape while you own it, it is certainly better to take that route than to have to purchase new garage door openers and garage doors far more often. You may not however know about all of the things that you need to do to keep your garage door up and running. For the most part maintenance is fairly simple, if you keep your garage door clean and lubricated you won’t need much maintenance from a professional. You may ask yourself though, what can a professional do that I can’t? That is what this article is going to dive into. We’ll take a look at where you should draw the line between an easy DIY job and something where you call your local garage door professional.

The first thing that you should be able to do yourself is to keep your garage door and garage door opener lubricated. The average Joe or Jane can most likely tell the difference between a part that moves and one that doesn’t. In fact you could most likely go out to your garage right now and look at the parts that have some lubricant on them and figure out from there what to do. If you find yourself entirely clueless when it comes to mechanics and things of that nature, then you may want to call someone to help you out. For the rest you should be able to just get a suitable lubricant at your hardware store and do things yourself every so often. Lubricating things every so often will keep your garage door running quiet and smooth for a long time if no other problems creep up. Lubrication can keep out water, dirt, grime and whatever else may be in your garage while keeping your garage door’s parts moving freely. However, this is pretty much where the DIY portion of maintenance ends for most. Garage doors after that can get pretty dangerous and so should be left to professionals who know what they are doing after you have done your small part.

What then do these garage door professionals do then? They do more than simply install and uninstall garage doors and garage door openers of course, so what is all this maintenance that they do? One thing they do is they help trouble shoot and investigate problems for you. Having somebody come out to look at your garage door every few years even if things are going well isn’t the worst thing in the world. They’ll most likely just spend a small amount of time checking things out, but they may catch something that the average person wouldn’t. This can mean that they see a part about to break or something that could break soon that you would never catch. At worst this just means the you replace the part before it breaks saving you the hassle of a surprisingly broken garage door one morning. At best this saves you both the hassle of an out of commission garage door as well as helps to stop another part from being over worked. This can end up saving you both a little bit of time and a lot of money, which is something everybody can get behind.

The last thing that garage door professionals do is they repair things. When that troubleshooting and investigating turns something up or you just know what is wrong, they come in with the parts and fix things up. In most cases these garage door problems can be pretty easily diagnosed with the right eyes, but fixing them takes a bit more finesse. Garage doors can weigh a great deal and the openers are more powerful than many might give them credit. Opening a garage door or simply lifting one without the help of the machine is extremely hard to do. Garage door springs are just one of the parts that helps to really make the process easier and they can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Much of the work takes experience and time to do right and can be frustrating, costly and above all dangerous for those who don’t know what they are doing. This is why garage door professionals are best to call when it comes to doing more than just a lubrication. They can align doors, add insulation, re-weatherproof and perform a host of other helpful services which the layman would not know how to begin with.

Garage doors aren’t extremely costly when you think about the idea that you are investing in them for a number of years. Depending on your use, garage door and region this could mean multiple decades if taken care of properly. However, garage doors and garage door openers do start to get costly when they aren’t working properly and they need to be replaced more than they should. This happens when there is no care going into the garage door and opener which can result in a lot of hassle for the home owner and even future home owners. Maintenance is relatively simple when it comes to things you can do yourself. Keep your garage door clean and lubricated every so often otherwise let a professional see to it for a tune up or to see if something has gone wrong. Above all is to refrain from trying to do things by yourself because they may seem cheaper. It is almost inevitable that you will end up spending more time and money than you expected and it can actually put you in a lot of danger.

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