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In past posts we have looked at a number of the reasons why a garage door is just such a great investment for any home. One of the things that we touched on a number of times was the great luxury of privacy that a garage door affords. Privacy is really kind of one of those things that you don't realize you will miss until it's gone, but sometimes we don't want a garage door that keeps the looks of others out. Sometimes we want some light filtering through that garage door, and so instead of just opening up the garage door every so often we instead get to put in some beautiful windows. Nowadays garage doors with windows are pretty common, one of the people in your neighborhood most likely has a garage door that has windows. If you aren't willing to sacrifice your privacy for a bit more light in your garage then far be it from me to say you are wrong, however I am going to go through a few of the benefits of having a window or windows in your garage door and we will see if I just can't convince you. Either way the most important part about having a garage door with windows or without windows is the idea that you as a home owner pick what is best for you.

Having windows in your garage doors can bring you a lot of different benefits at very little sacrifice. Garage door windows are often made from safety glass or even plexiglass to prevent cracking or shattering as well as to improve the security of your garage door while letting light through. These windows are often also insulated well in order to make sure that you aren't losing much more heat or cool air through them when compared to the rest of the garage door. So the sacrifices from adding windows to a garage door aren't too crazy, and if adding windows to your garage door is something that you think will make your garage all the better then definitely don't hesitate to bring it up with your garage door professional. However, for many the last sacrifice I am going to mention is the toughest. The privacy that comes from a solid garage door can be said to be pretty great, none at all when you want the door opened and all the privacy in the world when you don't. Windows in your garage door don't have to be a huge sacrifice though, they are typically high up on the garage door and the glass is cut to throw off anybody trying to get too good of a look inside. With garage door windows like this all people will ever be willing to see is if there is something moving around in your garage and if you for some reason are putting on a light show, otherwise the amount people will be able to see is pretty negligible if you go about installing the right garage door. On top of all that the amount of noise coming through a garage door with windows, noise being another reason many might shy away from a garage door with windows, is actually not too different than the amount of noise coming through your average garage door.

With all that said it seems like while there are sacrifices to be made when choosing between a garage door with windows and a garage door without they are rather small. However, that raises the question, why would you want windows in the first place? There are a few reasons you might decide to go for a garage door with windows and the first reason you might do so is because of aesthetics. Many styles of home simply look better with windows, and as the garage door should reflect or be a part of the home's greater style it only makes sense to extend windows onto the garage door. If you can replicate the style of windows on your home on your garage door then your home's exterior will look more cohesive overall. This means your garage won't look like some last minute addition or something that you just didn't think to design in line with the rest of the house, instead your garage door will simply be an extension of the walls on the front of your house, further adding to your curb appeal.

Another reason to opt for windows in your garage door is because you simply want a bit more light in your garage. Whether you are an amateur horticulturist or just enjoy a bit more light in your garage windows in your garage door can obviously help. Garages are traditionally colder and darker than the rest of the house because they have one or maybe more walls that don't have any windows on them plus a windowless garage door. If you have something like a garden or use your garage as a workspace, pretty much any use other than simply storing cars, you might want to let a little light and warmth into the room. Windows in your garage door can transform the garage into a much more usable space in some respects making you use your extra room more productively and letting you get the most out of your home.

Of course as a home owner you could always choose to go and have an all glass or mesh garage door and just throw convention to the wind. These will certainly give you much more light in your garage but are full of other huge sacrifices that are mitigated by having a traditional garage door with windows. If you find that you will benefit from using a garage with a bit more light during the daytime look into some garage doors that have windows. Or if you think that your garage door might look bland without windows try and find some garage doors that work well with the rest of your house's style. Remember to bring up any of the points you think are relevant to your garage door installation professional when you start thinking about installing a new garage door or replacing an older one.

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