Garage Doorless Garages

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The positives behind having a garage as opposed to not should be pretty apparent at this point. If you have read some of the articles specifically focused on how helpful and flexible a garage can be on its own you are most likely sold. However, what if you aren’t quite sold on the idea of a garage door being totally necessary? Well, if that is you then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to look at the garage door in particular or more accurately the lack of a garage door and some of the problems it would pose to the general usefulness of a garage or garage space. As a home owner we often may find that we might actually be able to downsize. We may be able to live rather comfortably with less house, a smaller more well organized condo or apartment. These sorts of things have their advantages of usually being easier and cheaper to maintain and cheaper to live in as well. However, one ‘less’ thing that you really shouldn’t try and live with is the garage door. The garage door and the whole automatic garage door apparatus are pretty integral to the usage of your garage and here we are going to look at a few examples of why.

The number one way most people use their garages is to keep their cars. They open and close their garage doors every day when they leave for work and get home from it and might eventually get to thinking that all of that opening and closing isn’t for them. One day their garage door breaks and rather than dealing with a broken garage door they decide to go on without it. What is the worst that could happen? Without a garage door you open your cars up to loads of different problems that can hurt you as a car owner. The number one thing that can happen to you is that your car is stolen. Car security has definitely beens stepped up in the last years and it is becoming increasingly harder to steal a new car, but even if your car is newer having it in a garage with no garage door protecting it means that the likelihood of somebody attempting to steal it close to if you had parked it on the street. Having no garage door leaves your car open to be seen and taken if possible and makes the only line of defense your car’s security. Another reason that your car may not be kept safe totally without a garage door is because of weather. Over time weather can do a number on your car’s body and so this is one of the reasons that most people keep their cars in garages in the first place. Without a garage door your car will be protected from some weather, but extreme weather will still get in and onto your car making it still get the brunt of the worst weather.

Another reason you are definitely going to be wanting a garage door to finish off your garage is if you use your garage for something other than just keeping your cars when they are not in use. Say you use your garage as a workshop or home office, you are definitely going to regret not having a garage door to keep your garage separate from the outside world if you use your garage for something like this. If you use your garage as a home office you most likely have a computer or some valuable pieces of machinery and information in your office. Not having a garage door to protect those types of things mean that you won’t be able to protect these things easily unless you move them in and out of your garage every time that you aren't around to watch them.This pretty much negates the convenience and usefulness of a home office and may even create more problems than it really solves. If you have a workshop in your garage then the problem is quite similar. Your equipment and your products or whatever it is that work on in your workshop end up being on display for anyone who wants to take them. You also will have to deal with weather, which means that any sort of electronic gear is really right out because it will get rained on and ruined very quickly.

Those are two of the most common ways that home owners use their garages and both of them as you may have realized really don't make sense unless you have a garage door to keep your things safe and dry. They may be relatively small things to ask of a garage but without the garage door there is no way that you will be able to keep a garage free of some of the nastier weather as well as just normal things like a rainstorm or dust. On top of just keeping out things like hail, dust and rain a garage door does a bit more. A garage door adds a layer of security as well as privacy to your car, your office or whatever is behind it making it much harder to break into your garage and also making it hard to even tell if your garage is worth breaking into. This brings your garage’s security from what is essentially parking your car on the street or putting your computer out on the street to a much higher level that is closer to a real home office or anything else that might be in your home. If you have a broken garage door and are thinking of not getting it fixed or starting to think that maybe you don’t need a fancy garage door or automatic garage door opener you should think about these sorts of downsides. These things, while seeming small at first, can really end up ruining the usage of your garage for you and even cost you a great deal of money in the long run.

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