Garage Doors Save Lives Pt. 2

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It can be somber to think about but danger is out there. Modern day life has made things much safer and easier than they used to be, but there are still things that can surprise and even harm you if you still aren’t careful. Thankfully there are things like garage doors in the world. Garage doors keep us safe from intruders or extreme weather, but they also would keep us safe from other things that you may not think about. In the last post we talked about some of the specific things that garage doors protect you from everyday. Some of those things though were actually quite ridiculous, but today we are back with more ridiculous garage door benefits so get ready to enjoy the little things in life as your garage door saves you from vague threats that you could somehow imagine coming across. All you have to do while reading this article is remember that all of the safety you feel from not having to deal with these things is brought to you by your garage door. If you enjoy this article and haven’t read the previous one head on back to it and enjoy some more great garage door features that you may have never thought about.

One thing that you probably have never felt too threatened by s street musicians. They’re an ordinary type of person you might find in any city really, but at times they can get a bit pushy if they have had a bad day, week or more and you haven’t got any money on you. Otherwise though they are never really problem more of a minor inconvenience if you happen to not like the music they are playing. However, if you didn’t have a garage door you would be susceptible to much worse. Imagine coming home to a number of street musicians holed up in your garage playing the same few songs that they know on their instrument over and over. Every time that you had to got to your car and through your garage you would feel compelled to give them some spare change, soon enough of course you would run out of spare change and you wouldn’t have any money to give them. This of course would make them ornery, meaning probably more annoyance for you. Eventually this would all get to be to too much and somebody would end up very annoyed and angry, most likely you. Having to hear the same songs at all hours of the night and what not just because you didn’t have a garage door would be awfully tough to deal with, but thankfully you don’t have to. All thanks to a garage door that you probably rarely ever think of.

Now where street musicians can be a nuisance, probably not too life threatening really unless the stress really collects on you, this next one could really be a problem. Werewolves. They may not be the most popular mythical creature of late, but scientists are pretty certain that they exist (don’t quote me on that though) so it’s best to stay vigilant. Obviously the best way would be to keep werewolves from turning into them or whatever the myth is, but not everybody has time for all that once a month. Another way to stay safe is to simply get a good garage door to protect you and your getaway car, or just your car. Your garage door keypad will be tough for anybody trying to get in because of their lack of real fingers and so even if by some miracle somebody knew your key code you would still be safe. Also while it is often said that these supernatural creatures all have crazy strength you can rest easy because your garage door can stop a slow moving car if needs to which means it can easily stop some sort of dog creature from getting into your garbage cans or your house. While it may seem like you are toast when you first hear about all of the werewolves descending upon your town just make sure to lock your doors and close your garage door and you really should make it out okay. The best part is that it is only for one night a month too.

Maybe you don’t have a crippling fear of street musicians haunting your house or werewolves scratching at your garage door, but isn’t it nice to know that none of these things really have the possibility of happening because of something as simple as a garage door? Your garage door keeps out tons of realer threats, but those can often be scary to think about. Plus thinking about a bunch of dogs trying to punch in numbers into a keypad is a pretty great image if you think about it. If you have any more hilariously ridiculous things that your garage door keeps you safe from mention them in the comments and we might just write up another collection of things that your garage door helps protect you from. Also if you want to make sure that your garage door is in fact up to the job of keeping out all manner of beasts and people (as well as taking care of other garage door duties) get yourself in touch with your local garage door professional. They will be able to keep your garage door sturdy and in good working order for when the street musicians descend upon your street.

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