Garage Doors Save Lives

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Life in many respects is dangerous. We do all we can to mitigate the risks that we take, but in the end for many of them there is nothing we can do. On somewhat less somber note however there are things that in our everyday life protect us from harm, be it ridiculous potential risks or real everyday harm. In this article today we are going to look at some of the more hilarious and ridiculous risks to your health and well-being that your garage door may keep you from. While you most likely won’t face any of these problems in the near future it may be fun to not take for granted some of the life saving that your big metal, wooden or otherwise garage door does for you. Many of them may be wildly improbable but for the most part they are just meant to be fun and not to scare you or to really teach you how to keep yourself safe.

The first way that your garage door is saving your life every day is from the ever present threat of sharks. (I told you they’d be ridiculous) Whether you live at the beach or in the middle of nowhere there is always the possibility that a loose shark might find it’s way into your neighborhood cul-de-sac, but thankfully you have your garage door to protect you. If you have ever seen Jaws or any of the other great shark attack movies or maybe just shark week you know that sharks can be deadly in the worst cases. When the beach, coast guard, life guard and those miles between your home and the ocean just can’t seem to keep a shark out though you needn’t worry. Most garage doors would be able to stand up to the bite or ramming of sharks big and small, especially if they are on land (I think it’s a leverage thing). A great white shark may be able to crunch into your garage door seeing as they have been known to eat parts of cars, but that is most likely not going to be possible due to your garage door not being under water. Your garage door offers up a pretty great protective layer to any shark attacks and is also perfect for trapping sharks inside of your garage by opening and then closing your garage door although we can’t guarantee some damages to your garage.

Another thing that a garage door is well equipped to do is prevent zombie break-ins. Zombies are all but surely gonna creep up some time in human history. If Hollywood has taught us anything it is that they are coming sooner rather than later and that they will most likely be our fault. If however you keep the traditional definition of zombies then you don’t have anything to worry about really. Garage doors have keypads and zombies are usually too ill-equipped with motor skills to even press the buttons if they knew the codes. Your garage door is also meant to withstand a certain amount of force from things like the wind and debris. While zombies may be stronger than wind in some cases, they probably won’t be able to blast through a garage door. You can hole yourself up in your house or your garage even if you want to and count on your garage door to keep all of those zombies out while you figure out a way to get to the safe zone or whatever seems to be going on at the time. Regardless of what is going on in the outside world you can rest easy that you will be safe from the zombies because of your strong garage door or you will at least not be vulnerable from that door, your other doors and windows may be less equipped for such a travesty.

Another death defying thing that your garage door can do is keep out…. the bees. Bee populations have been on a decline in recent years and the agricultural consequences are being felt now, but who is to say that they aren’t just all biding their time to attack. Probably any body with a brain in their heads, but you still can enjoy the fact that if the Bee-Apocalypse were to come that your garage door would be more than equipped to handle them. Your garage door has all of the strength and integrity to stand up to the masses of a bee hive flying directly at it or even stinging it. While this may not be the primary function or even an advertised feature of your garage door you can be assured that if your garage door is closed and sealed correctly you won’t have any trouble keeping one bee or an army of bees out. If you are allergic to bees this is obviously more important than it is for others, but don’t be alarmed you are also safe because of your garage door. While we must apologize to anyone with a fear of bees for bringing up what could be a somewhat traumatizing topic you can rest easy knowing that your garage door is there to protect you.

While these things may seem pretty crazy (because they are) it is always fun to joke around and take a look at what sort of outside of the box problems a garage door is actually a solution to. Aside from of course the obvious things like a security solution, storage solution and shelter solution it also does a good job at keeping out a number of other things regardless of just how ridiculous they may seem. Hopefully while reading this article you had a few laughs and weren’t scared too much by the idea of bees, sharks or zombies attacking you through your garage. Just remember that none of them are well equipped enough to get through your garage door unless you let them in yourself and if that happens then you are on your own. If you are super scared about the next zombie outbreak and haven’t got a working garage door then make sure to get in touch with your local garage door professional and have them help you out, just maybe don’t say that it is to keep out the zombies. Also stay tuned for another fun article on some more ridiculous things that your garage door is saving you from every day.

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