Garage Home Gyms

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Your garage is one of the most versatile rooms in your whole house, despite not really being in your house all the way. This means that on your block every garage might in fact have something different in it. Typically the majority of garages will be housing a car or two, but many others decide to use the room to create something that they otherwise might not have room for or would like to keep separate from he rest of the house. One of the best uses for your garage, if you think you can live without your cars inside it is a home gym. Home gyms are typically not in normal rooms for a variety of reasons, but a home gym is perfect for your garage or basement for many reasons. In this article we’ll look at a few reasons why you might want to turn your garage into a home gym and a few tips on how to do so. Having a home gym makes it much harder to make excuses for yourself not going to the gym and also gives you 24 hour access to your personal gym. What this all means is that you will hopefully end up living a healthier and better life while even saving time and money as opposed to traditional gym memberships. All those promises however mean nothing if you don’t use the gym often enough or properly, but having a gym as a part of your garage and your home will make that easier and more attractive an activity.

To have a home gym in your garage you will first probably want to clear out and clean up your garage. Make sure that your garage is clean enough that you wouldn't feel weird about lying on the floor. A lot of exercises require you to get “down and dirty” but for the most part I think you’d rather just get down. Garages are typically pretty easy to clean so it shouldn’t take you too long to get things in order and it should be even easier to wide down or sweep up any parts of your garage that need it once it’s a home gym. While the size your home gym will vary with the amount of space you have and the type of exercises you do it is best to make use of all the garage space you can. Other people most likely won’t want to use the space for things other than working out, and you will probably be moving around heavy things so cars aren’t the best idea of the area. You can certainly still store things in your garage, but make sure the space is open and clear for you to move around what equipment you have.

Once you have your space clean and clear it is time to start figuring out how you are going to fill it. In order to do that you will need to sit down and do a bit of research and a bit of thinking I assume. A small matted area is never a bad idea to cut down on noise and strain on your bones. Things like pull up bars and squatting racks are pretty typical for a home gym, but it is all about what type of equipment will give you the best bang for your buck. Check out places like craigslist, garage sales, and eBay to see if you can find some cheap home gym equipment or simply ask around to see if anybody has any that they are willing to get rid of. Gym equipment is generally one of those things that is in constant circulation so unless you need a really specific and new piece of equipment there shouldn't be too much problem with getting a piece of used equipment for a relatively low price. When planning out where and what to put into your new garage home gym it is best to think about the minimum equipment you would need, then you can get more or better equipment as you go. It is important to have room between things while still having a gym that can accommodate anybody using it. This means things that can be used for multiple exercises and body parts will certainly be high on your list as well as things like free weights, which can be used for nearly any type of exercise.

Unless you are doing some crazy workouts then your garage should be able to accommodate your daily, weekly, etc workouts. A garage is perfect for your home workouts because number one, it should insulate you from the rest of the house. This means that things like the smells and noises that come with a gym won’t be coming into your house aside from when you take your trip to the showers after your workout. The garage is also very easy to ventilate as you can open up your garage door which will quickly cool you down and cool your gym down. In addition to cooling you down, for anyone who has ever worked out outdoors will tell you, working out under the sun is always a great option to have.

In many ways your garage is probably already pretty similar to your gym if you go to one. Stark walls and open floor and lots of fluorescent lights. You can easily turn your garage into your favorite place to “get away from it all” with a few machines or benches. Having your own gym will have you looking and feeling better than you ever thought you could because your next workout will always be just a few short steps away. A gym in your own home will also save you money in the long run, money that you very well might spend on more health foods and gym equipment, but money nonetheless. If you think that your garage might be perfect for a home gym then start dreaming about your perfect home gym and make it happen. Feel free to share moments about your home gym below.

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