Garages A Flexible Space

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Garages are one of the most flexible rooms in the entirety of your home. The competition for that title is fierce, but the garage has one thing that no other room in your house has, a garage door. Obviously from the name of the door you would expect nothing less, but let us look at the competition nonetheless. Very few rooms in your house can serve as an air hockey arena one day and the next be your home office. Two rooms that many houses have though can. Those rooms are the basement and the attic. If you have all three of these rooms one or two of them are most likely used to store things that you want to keep around but just don’t always need or have room for. While the garage does this well, it should be your last choice for just being a storage facility, because it is so flexible and well equipped do other things. The main reason that a garage is so flexible is because the garage door and the way garages are built, they typically have very little in them and things can be changed up, moved around or removed from them incredibly quickly all because of the garage door. In this article we will go into some of the things that make your garage so flexible and will hopefully get you to see and appreciate the potential that your garage has to be practically anything you could want it to be.

As was mentioned, the thing that really sets your garage above the other rooms that were mentioned, in terms of flexibility, is the fact that your garage has a garage door. The garage door allows you to have the opportunity to move things in and out of your garage whenever you feel. You can bring a couch in extremely easily, or bring a table in or really anything when you have a garage door. Having a garage door means that you don’t have to just work the room around the door leading to it, but instead means that if you want you could stack things to the rafters and still have it all reasonably accessible from the outside because of the garage door. While that isn’t the recommended way to use your garage, that is part of the beauty that you can use it for pretty much anything. The garage door means that you can use your garage as far more than you would be able to use a basement or attic for. You can move things in and out of the room quickly of course, but you can also just open up the room and use the space in your driveway on the nicer days, give the room the possibility to be outside essentially half of the time give or take, something the other rooms don’t have.

Another reason why the garage is far more flexible than the others is because of its placement. Whether it is attached to your home or detached, it is most likely going to be on the same floor as our home. This means that putting thing down in the basement or up in the attic is a bit of a hassle, but you most likely won’t run into them too often. Your garage though is another story. Your garage is extremely easy to get into or get things from at a moment’s notice. It is much closer to being just another room in your house because of this ease of entry and exit. This means it is much easier for it to become more than just a storage area and instead a real usable room in your home. Just thinking about it now I am sure that you would much rather something like a home office or your new home theater be just a door away instead of a door and a flight of stairs away.

The last reason that your garage is just leagues ahead of your basement or attic is because of the temperature aspect. Your attic may be a bit warmer in fall or something if it is relatively well insulated, and your basement may be a bit cooler in summer, but for the most part a well insulated garage is going to stay a reasonable temperature much more often than either of the other two. This means that whether you are storing some excess food or keeping your garage as a home office, both of those uses are going to be more successful and more manageable to get started with a garage as opposed to a basement or garage. You would definitely rather not sweat through summers In an attic or get a chill from a damp basement during the winter if you had the option of a reasonably temperate garage to stay in.

Your garage is just about equipped for any sort of usage, whether you are keeping your food there instead of being able to fit it all in the kitchen or if you are letting a relative or kid sleep there. If you're tackling a garage improvement project that requires garage door repair in Omaha, then give us a call! Otherwise, you are probably just a trip to home depot and a day’s setup away from a pretty usable space for whatever the purpose is. If that purpose for the next ten years is a car storage space, then that is probably the best usage of the space. However, many people are losing a car or going totally carless these days. You may also just need the space for something that you didn’t foresee when you decided to go with a two bedroom home instead of the three. Regardless of why you need the space, the idea is that your garage is the place to go when you need a new room. Whether you need a bedroom for a few months or an office for a home business that will last a lifetime, your garage has you covered for at least a little while until you can get yourself settled and thinking about a solution that doesn’t displace your car.

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