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Genie Overhead Garage Doors

Previously we have taken a look at the wonderful world of garage door brands, but the door that covers up your garage isn't the only thing included in getting a brand new garage door installed or a broken garage door fixed. There are tons of bells and whistles that make a garage door worth having. If you had to get out of your car to open your garage door before pulling inside and then close the door behind you manually you probably would just end up parking outside. The great thing about getting a professionally installed garage door is the ease and comfortability of it all. Someone comes to your house or you talk over the phone and choose what sort of styles and options you want, and within a few days you have a door that opens as you pull in the drive way and that won't close on your fingers if you forget to grab something while it is closing behind you. While maybe having a working garage door is not the most extravagant of luxuries it is certainly a small simple thing in your life that working correctly makes everything seem a bit better and run a bit smoother. One company that has built a brand around helping you with that is Genie.

Genie started in the 1920's under a different name manufacturing all sorts of products for consumer and commercial clients alike. When the second world war broke out the majority of the company's industry moved to military production in order to help meet the high demand put on the United States' economy. After the war died down and production returned to normal the company turned to the exciting world of garage doors. The company were the first to start mass producing a radio controlled garage door opener which has since become the norm for garage doors throughout the country. The Genie name had continued to grow as they strive for innovation, safety, and security when it comes to your garage door. Genie is now one of the most recognizable names throughout North America when it comes to garage door technologies. You can find their products across the country in homes and and commercial establishments alike.

If you have the time, maybe while you are waiting for your garage door to get fixed, you can take a look at all the crazy garage door technology that's out there. There are bunches of ways to take your garage door to the next level safety and security wise so take the time to look at a few options or just ask whoever you have entrusted the job to about what is out there. And if you already have a genie operated garage door feel free to stand outside or inside with your remote and act like you are magic. Really, people won't think it is that weird. Again there is no perfect brand for everything and everyone but don't be afraid to learn more about a brand that is in good standing and suggest it to whoever is taking care of all your garage door installation needs. Also remember that there's nothing like good word of mouth for a business, and on the flip side that only good businesses get good word of mouth. Maybe garage doors aren't the type of thing that typically come up in your chats with neighbors or friends, but see if you can't sneak it in. I am sure you will find one friend or acquaintance that happens to have an unknown passion for garage doors, or at the very least knows what brands their's is. Some of their equipment might just be from genie too.