How Not To Store things In Your Garage

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We have previously looked at things that you can do with your garage and things that you should not be storing in them. Whether you plan to store your car or cars behind your garage door or garage doors is probably the biggest decision you’ll make but as always we are here to make that decision a bit easier by giving you the knowledge to educate yourself on what you can and can’t do with a garage space. This article is going to be dedicated to a more fun and exciting side of things by showing you just what you really shouldn’t be storing in your garage. Everyone knows that you can keep your car in your garage in order to keep it safe from theft, damages, and to just generally make your life easier. What some might not know is that there are a few things that you probably shouldn’t be keeping in your garage because of how the space is used or how it could be. Now, this article may not be the most accurate or serious, but you should still probably not go and store any of these things in your garage, not that you would probably ever thing to do so in the first place.

The first one on our big list of don’ts is bees. With declining bee populations coming up in the news every so often and all that they do for our food supply you might want to try and help out. You sell your car to free up some space and get some money and start beekeeping in your garage. While your intentions are good the follow through could really use some extra thought. Bees are pretty dangerous things when brought together in numbers and can do a whole load of harm to a person and even more so if they are allergic to bee stings. Bees need a fair bit of space to move around and ventilation for times when you may need to smoke them. This means that you would either have the option of providing a poor substitute for the outdoors by keeping your garage door open for long periods of time, which is not recommended, or you would have to move them constantly which is also not a great idea. Having bees greet you as you open your garage door is really something that is more the product of nightmares than a good idea, so if you have the idea to keep bees near your home make sure to steer clear of your garage.

Another bad thing to keep in your garage is a pool. Indoor pools versus outdoor pools certainly have their own pros and cons but that is not really a conversation or comparison for this space. There is also the idea of the above ground pool versus the in ground pool, which again isn’t really important when it comes to things like garages and garage doors. The real important thing to remember is that if you are putting even an above ground pool into your garage you are really wasting the potential of both spaces. You may save a bit of space in your lawn and end up not kill the grass, but you aren’t going to be able to get the full use from your pool either. Cleaning and using the pool will be tougher and you will also end up with a humid and moist garage because ventilation will be taught to get a handle on. The garage will be tough to keep t a temperature that really makes having it worthwhile to have a pool and so you will be using the pool less and really wasting it in a room that could have so many other applications. In conclusion, while it may seem like it could have its benefits it certainly isn’t worth the hassle.

Lastly another thing that you shouldn’t keep in your garage is hazardous materials. The conventional things like contaminated chemicals and radioactive waste just don’t belong in your garage. There’s no easy way to get rid of these things most of the time but you shouldn’t for any reason be keeping them near your home let alone directly adjacent to your home. It may seem like a simple short term solution, but in the end something bad is definitely going to come from housing whatever noxious and toxic chemicals in your garage. Garages have some pretty bad ventilation for the most part if you are keeping your garage door closed. If you do keep your garage door open then your chemicals or waste is subject to more problems like pests, theft and just the elements. So whatever you do don’t try and store things that could be potentially very dangerous or just bad for the environment in your garage, try and find the proper channels to get rid of the stuff.

Garage doors for the most part keep the outside world away from cars. Cars are the obvious thing that is typically stored in a garage. If it isn’t used for storing cars however there is a lot of potential things that you can keep in your garage. The garage is great for storage of all sorts of things so if you have any ideas other than those on this list they are probably good. You should however be able to tell that a few things similar to the examples on this list are also no the best ideas. Things like a play room, home gym. clothing storage, etc. are the types of things that really belong in your garage if you aren’t using it for it’s most popular purpose. While the things on this list may not be the most common things you would think to store in your garage you shouldn’t totally discount the warning. If you are thinking of storing something unorthodox you should really get an opinion from a professional in order to see if it could be bad for your garage or just generally unsafe.

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