How Not To Use Your Garage Door

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We last talked about some of the things that you shouldn’t store in your garage. There are a few things in this world that just don’t make sense to keep in your garage. They are pretty easy to avoid and so in general your garage can store most of the things that would reasonably need to be stored near your home. However, many people use their garages for different purposes. The open space and garage door offer a lot of flexibility for people wanting to use their garage for things that you normally wouldn't have the luxury of having attached to your home. Garages are turned into home gyms, art studios, work spaces and the like all the time to fit a need because of their flexibility. However, there are some purposes that they really just don’t work for because of how they are built and designed. It may come as a shock to some that your garage isn’t equipped to tun into every type of room for any purpose imaginable. Don’t you worry though, because we have got a list of the garage changes that you shouldn’t be making. As always if you have any ideas or comments on how we’re wrong or could be more right feel free to let your voice be heard and give us some ideas for another article if you’d like.

One thing that the average garage shouldn’t be turned into is a breeding center for dogs, cats or something similar. Animals need a fair bit of room and while a dog or something might enjoy having a sort of room like a garage to themselves, when you start sharing it with multiple animals and adding more and more it quickly gets into some bad territory. Your pets are meant to have interaction with the outside world and keeping them locked up in a cramped space like a garage is going to be pretty hard on them and potentially dangerous even. Unless this is something like you leave your garage door open all day until they go to sleep it is most likely not going to be good for the animals. And of course leaving your garage door open all day to give them that freedom is not recommended because of the security risks it poses by not having your garage door closed while you are not there. All in all there are better places to keep your large group of animals and they need more interaction with larger spaces and what not to be healthy and normal.

Another thing that you shouldn’t try and outfit your garage to do is something that is pretty obvious, but can never hurt repeating and that is anything illegal. Don’t use your garage like an amateur chop shop, don’t be selling stolen goods out of it, and don’t be selling anything out of it that you shouldn’t be. In fact selling things out of your garage is most likely illegal because of zoning restrictions, but that is something that you would have to look at on a case by case basis. However, doing something illegal or even semi illegal is not a good idea in your garage. However much privacy your garage does afford you if you are only opening it once every month or late at night or something like that questions are going to be raised and whatever you are doing is most likely going to raise some flags. Garages aren’t suited for that and you probably shouldn’t be doing whatever it is you are doing in the first place. There is a reason that whatever you are doing is illegal.

One last example of something that you shouldn’t be using your garage for is nothing at al. So maybe this one is a cop out, but you can let us know in the comments if that’s what you really think. Your garage has great potential for a huge number of different things, so if you choose not to use it for long periods of time you are really missing out. The garage door and combination of large opening large area make it a great option for a lot of different uses and so not capitalizing on that is a mistake. Whether you are using it for something as run of the mill as car storage or somethings s out there as a laboratory for your weekend experiments. Whatever it is you are doing, aside from the previously mentioned uses, it is better than just letting your garage go to waste. If you rent your home, or are just paying the mortgage the value of your garage is worked into that payment, however small or large it may be. That means that by not using it you are paying more than you are getting out of your home which nobody ever wants to do.

That’s it, those are the only things we’ve got so far aside from the extraordinary that we can’t recommend doing with your garage space. Doing illegal things is never really a good idea and doing them out of your garage is an equally poor recommendation, so that is out. Throwing a whole bunch of animals in there together is another poor idea, it’s unhygienic and just plain bad for the animals. Unless you are doing your best to keep them out of your garage and only using the area to give them a private place to sleep this should not be considered an option. Lastly is the idea of doing nothing at all with the space. Letting dust gather and paying money for a space that you don’t use is just foolish. Whether you use it to just get a little more space in the rest of your home by storing seasonal items or seldom used things it is still better than doing nothing at all. The garage is one of the most flexible rooms in your house, that is a given, don’t waste it by doing one of these things and hurting yourself rather than taking advantage of the space.

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