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How To Keep Your Garage Door Working

Keeping your garage door in working order isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do. However, not every one knows what to do really. Not all of us are garage door professionals, we can’t all know what type of maintenance a garage door needs off of the top of our heads. Thankfully you have found this article. In this article we are going to go over the easiest parts of garage door and garage door opener maintenance. In reality there are three things you need to do to keep your garage door working for a long time and working well. Those things are keep it lubricated, keep it clean and keep it maintained. That last one may seem like it really encompasses all of the others and might be cheating, but you will understand what we mean later on once we get to that portion of the article. The benefits of having a well maintained garage door and garage door opener are simple to know. Having a garage door and garage door opener that are well maintained can keep your garage door running far longer and mean that it requires far fewer repairs which in the end means that your garage will end up costing you a lot less in the end.

Lubricating your garage door can keep your garage door working much better for a long time, but knowing which parts of the garage door and garage door opener to lubricate and when can be confusing. The best way to sort this out is to simply ask your garage door professional when he or she installs your garage door and garage door opener system, but we don’t all have that foresight. If you didn’t bombard your garage door installer with questions and write down all of their suggestions then you are in luck, because we are still going to help you. Most of us don’t have the forethought to really figure out all of that stuff and make sure to right it down in our calendars and what not. One place you can turn however is your garage door and garage door opener manuals. These will have some information on how often you should lubricate your garage door and garage door opener and what parts you should. If you can’t find that however, we still can help you. The general rule is to lubricate all of your garage door’s moving parts every few months. You may find that twice a year is often enough, but depending on the region and how often you use your garage door this may not be enough.

In addition to lubricating your garage door, one way you can keep your garage door working best and looking best is to keep it clean. This includes everything from dirt accumulating on the physical garage door portion to cleaning the inner workings. Cleaning the moving parts is relatively simple. Most lubricants will do most of the work for you and if you recognize a larger than normal amount of dust or dirt piling up somewhere you can remove the old lubricant, clean the area and apply more.The lubricant should work as a defense mechanism in making sure that dirt and grime aren’t getting too close to the important parts of your garage door and garage door opener. Another thing that you should keep clean is the door itself. You can use soap and water, a power washer or pressure washer and get the job done pretty easily. Keeping your garage door clean prevents rust and will help you notice any cracks or blemishes on the door. Cleaning your garage door also just help you keep up the appearance of your home. From an aesthetic point of view it is something that is extremely easy to fix and can be kept looking good rather easily.

Lastly is the maintenance portion. We mentioned that this in fact is something other than the other two which might fall under the category of maintenance. In this portion we mean specifically maintenance done by a professional. Professional garage door maintenance is not something that you will most likely need to get done too often if you keep up the other two things mentioned in this article. Getting your garage door professionally serviced however is something that you should get done every few years. If you notice a change in the performance of your garage door and garage door opener then you hold call a professional to investigate as soon as possible. Otherwise a few times over the life of your garage door and garage door opener you still should get someone out to look at the door to investigate. Things like the alignment could be off and general wear and tear might go unnoticed by your typical garage door owner and so a professional eye can help to keep your garage door in top working condition for a long time.

Garage doors don’t have to be hard to take care of, doing just this simple amount of work to take care of the appliance will most likely extend the life of your garage door and help to keep it working in the best way possible. Your average home owner isn’t extremely worried about their garage door and garage door opener, so you likely haven’t spent too much time thinking about what you can do to save yourself money on an appliance that isn't too costly to begin with. This means that you probably didn’t pepper your garage door installer with questions about proper or recommended maintenance. For that reason we can give you this short trifecta of things to remember when it comes to your garage door and garage door opener, these should keep your garage door and opener working for years and years with minimal operational costs to you and future home owners.