Kids Help Choose Your Garage Door

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When you are looking into the type of garage door that might be right for you there is one thing that you should keep in mind when choosing your garage door. It’s a pretty important piece of criteria that affects how you probably make a lot of decisions and not just those that are garage door related in fact. This one important piece of criteria is whether or not you have kids. While they may not seem like they are directly related to your garage door choice you will find that in some ways you really should take it into account. The right garage door can really make your life a whole lot easier if you let it by working well with your lifestyle, and so because children are such a big part of every family’s lifestyle they should factor into your garage door decision a bit. In this article we will take a look at some of the things that certain garage doors may excel at in regard to family owners. This includes things like extra safety measures and the kid proofing of your garage door and the garage door opener system, among others.

Garage doors vary in material quite a bit. There are wooden garage doors, fiberglass garage doors and a few different types of metals available for your garage door. These materials also vary in thickness quite a bit. With younger kids there is a certain inevitable time where one of your kids, or their friends, will hit your garage door with a ball, a bike or even their bodies. If you have something like a thin aluminum garage door then this is going to be dented pretty easily. A hard thrown baseball or an oblivious kid on a bike are going to damage your garage door enough that you will need to get it repaired or at the very least a part of it replaced. However, if you have something a bit thicker and more durable you may be able to get away with some bumps and scrapes on your kid, but nothing too damaging for your garage door. While thicker and more substantial products tend to be more expensive they may also end up saving you the cost and hassle of getting your garage door repaired because of your kid’s games. This is just one of the many reasons that you should take your children into account when choosing a garage door. If your child is a bit older and more likely to hit the garage door with a car than a tennis ball then you may be out of luck. A car hitting your garage door is most likely going to need some tending to, so you may want to opt of the cheaper garage door option anyway.

Another reason to take into account the thickness and material of your garage door is because, simply put, kids get loud. There are different sorts of insulation that can be put into your garage door after it has been bought and installed, but nothing dos the job better than insulation made by the manufacturer or that is just a natural part of the material. A material like wood dampens a lot of the sound that would otherwise travel through or into your garage. While it is great at times to be able to listen to you kids play outside or in the garage while you are somewhere else on your property, there is also the honest truth that it can get annoying at times. Being able to hear what’s going on and listening to what’s going on are two very different things. A well insulated garage door means that you won’t be distracted by the noise of your kids while they play outside and can be especially important if you use your garage as a workspace often. If your garage is a workshop or just some place that you go to get things done at times the noise from outside can get very distracting and at times just become too much. A garage door with some noise insulation can help cut down son this and keep your garage quiet and a place for productivity or escape.

The next thing to keep your kids in mind for is less about the garage for and more about the entire garage door opener system. There are two simple safety mechanisms or ideas to keep in mind when you first get your garage door opener installed. The first is to get your garage door opener’s buttons installed at a reasonable height. Depending on your height and the height of your kids you will want to find a happy medium so that they will have to relatively responsible before they are able to easily open and close the garage door by themselves. It is an easy request to make of your garage door technician and is an easy way to keep your garage door from being misused and hurting your family while you may not be around. The second consideration is something that should now be included with all garage door opener systems, but just to be safe we will mention it. The laser system at the bottom of the garage door’s path is something that saves a lot of injuries from happening and also saves a lot of things from getting otherwise damaged. The safety system is included along with most modern day garage door installations, but kits to update older garage door opener systems are also available.

Your children have most likely made a pretty sizable impact on your life. It should then come as no surprise that your garage door and garage door opener decisions should also be impacted by them. Keeping your children safe from your garage door and the garage door opener should be your first priority, but second should be your garage’s safety from your kids. If you think your garage door might not be able to stand up to your family then take a look at some sturdier materials and thicker designs. If you are also worried about noise from your family or just want to get some peace and quiet in your garage from time to time then think about the types of materials that have natural noise reducing qualities and ask about getting insulation installed. If you have already gotten a garage door then there are still aftermarket safety kits and insulation kits that can help you bring a less than optimal garage door up to your family’s standards.

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