Linear is now Nortek!

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Big news in the garage door opener world, one of the industry's trusted name brands Linear is now changing their name. The brand will henceforth be called Nortek security & control. Both of the names make sense, but with the technology behind the garage door now seeming to lean towards developing more security options and more integration to other systems it seems that the name may simply be a reflection of that. Linear and now Nortek is one of the major suppliers of garage door openers for many of your local garage door professionals and installers and so is a big change of really a superficial nature. Whether your garage door says linear or Nortek on it shouldn't really matter to you. You may have recently heard of the tech giant google changing their name/ creating an umbrella company called alphabet, this name change isn't too different from that. It may take a bit of getting used to for garage door professionals, but it really doesn't change anything for those using the products every day.

If you have got a Linear garage door opener then what do you do? If you think it may some day need maintenance you might want to write a note in the manual that the company's name has changed to Nortek, but otherwise there isn't much you need to do. If you are feeling especially ambitious you can go out with a magic marker and cross out the Linear name and replace it with Nortek on your garage door opener, but this just might end up confusing you in the end. The best thing to do is to probably do nothing, it is super easy to do and you are probably doing it right now so don't worry. You will still be able to find parts for your Linear brand garage door openers and find the manuals on the new Nortek site if you need them so this most likely won't affect the everyday garage door user at all.

Linear was one of the most trusted names in garage door openers and garage door security for many years, and now Nortek will hopefully continue that tradition. The company was founded in the early 1960s and has continued to grow ever since. The company originally sold and installed the garage door openers that have come to characterize the company today. The ting that made the company different from other garage door manufacturers and installers was that they were dedicated to innovating their product by creating an electronics company to help their garage door openers stand above the rest. The company would later come up with what would be the industry standard for many years, the radio controlled automatic garage door opener. They continued to focus on the security of their device and made sure to improve upon the coding and transmission of the garage door opener's controls. The company found that customers preferred their implementation of the wireless garage door opener control to their competitors and the company continued to grow and prosper. By committing themselves to greater integration of technology in the name of security to their garage door opener systems they found success.

Linear and now Nortek Security & Control is one of the leading companies that is bringing greater technological integration to garage door openers. To this company the garage door opener is not simply a machine that they can build for you but instead is a part of your entire home's security system. This means that your garage door system is just as secure if not more secure than your other entryways thanks to Linear, I mean Nortek. Having your garage door being part of your home security is really a no brainer, and it is surprising that it took any time at all for home security companies to think of. The garage is a huge access point for your home and where you keep some of your most valuable possessions. Whether those possessions are monetarily valuable, like a car or motorcycle, or closer to hear and valuable because of sentimentality the reason to protect them doesn't change. We now live in an odd age where everything is Wi-fi enabled and connected to our smartphones. Nortek it seems has seen this coming and are integrating their systems further so that the state of your home security is at your finger tips at all times. With your phone in hand you might just be able to check if you left the garage door open, turn off the keypad during certain hours, and even check the frequency of people going in and out of your garage. This may seem like a bit too much information to some people, but for others it represents a bit more peace of mind that other garage door and garage door opener companies are striving to provide as well.

Unless you are a big part of the garage door and garage door opener industry then this change in name isn't a very big deal to you. Linear is changing over to the Nortek name and not much else is changing. You can mark down the change in your owner's manual or just find it out from the internet the next time you search for something related to a Linear garage door opener and end up on the Nortek website. For everything else it is best to simply let your local garage door professional sort out which brand might work best for your situation and your lifestyle. You can call them up to ask what they think of the change, or simply call them to figure out how they might replace your broken garage door. The second one will probably waste less time, but who knows either way you get a <a href=""> free call </>a to talk about your garage door. So pick up the phone to call or pick up the pen to mark down the new name in your manual.

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