New Year's Garage Gym

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It’s the new year, usually what that means is you go to the gym for a month or two and then get around to cancelling your membership by around June. How can you keep that from happening though? Even if your new years resolution never works out the way you planned there is always a way to help you get there. The new year may just be a few numbers on a calendar, but use that as the motivation you need to step your life up to the next level. So what is the way you are going to do it, how are you going to turn your life around? Well in this article surprisingly enough we have got some ideas, and even more shockingly they have to do with your garage. If you are actually surprised you probably shouldn’t be given the topic of this blog. In this article we will take a look at why having your garage turned into your “workout zone” or home gym is such a great idea and why it is so easy. This hopefully will get you excited about your new year’s fitness regimen and so you’ll be off to a good start this January.

Why do people have home gyms? People have home gyms for the same reason that most people keep their car in their garage. It’s all about convenience. While working out and sweating a bunch isn’t super convenient there is one thing that makes it really inconvenient. That is that you often have to get into your car in order to go do it. This means you need to plan a time when traffic won’t be bad and you end up spending a good chunk of the time that you set for yourself to go to the gym sitting in your car waiting to be able to work out. Having a gym in your garage means that getting to the first exercise in your workout is as easy as getting into your car. Having your garage be your gym and your gym be your garage means that you can get in a work out at nearly any time. This means you can work out spontaneously when you truly feel like it instead of sticking to the hours that the gym are open and that you won’t get stuck in traffic. This means that you have your very on twenty-four hour gym attached to your home at all times. Skipping a day or two will become much harder this new year with a garage gym.

Have you ever looked at a gym and your garage in a relatively short time? Probably not, but if you did you might find that they are very similar. Most gyms are open rooms much like a warehouse with minimal furniture and maybe a fan or two. They also often have concrete or cement walls and floors, much like your garage. In fact some gyms even have garage doors if they were old warehouses and open up these garage doors on nicer days to get better air flow. If that doesn’t convince you that your garage is the perfect gym for you then you might not make it this new year. The garage door’s usefulness however is more than just a product of many gyms being old warehouses however.

A reason that your garage makes the perfect gym is your garage door. While you may not use it every day of the year if you turn your garage into a gym you will certainly end up using it. Your garage door can help you keep in the cool or warmth but at the same time can help bring in a breeze by being opened up. If you’re breaking a mean sweat in the winter, why not open up your garage door and cool off for a moment. Or maybe you are trying to break some personal records in your work out and so need the extra boost of feeling the warm sun on your skin. These are both possible when you have a garage door as one of your walls in your very own personal gym.

It’s a new year and you want a new you. It happens every year, but this year it’s going to be different. you are going to stick to things because you are gonna make things easier to stick to. Maybe instead of starting your workouts right on January the first you will instead start your garage’s transformation. Get some rubber mats, some cheap equipment off of craigslist or relatives and get to thinking of what else you may need. Plaster a few motivational posters to the inside of your garage door and make sure that you have a small fan at least. Once everything is set up then you can start the hard, but yet easy part of rolling out of your home and into your garage in order to get a new body that has the whole neighborhood jealous. You may want to wait a little bit until you open up your garage door until you’ve got a few workouts under your belt, but if the idea of the neighbors watching spurs you on then by all means roll up your garage door and get to sweating.

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