Noisy Garage Door Problems

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Somewhat recently we took a look at all of the different types of garage door openers. From chain drive to screw drive there is one thing that is nearly synonymous with a garage door. That noise. Garage doors have long been associated with the groan and general noise that they cause. Whether it's a cold morning or a hot afternoon it is pretty much a guarantee that your garage door is going to make some noise.

For some the noise of an opening garage door isn't really all that bothersome and may even be somewhat comforting. The groan of a garage door as it opens and closes could be the comforting sound that lets you know that your child, husband, or wife is home safe late at night while you lie awake in bed. The garage door's noise could also serve as an alarm to prevent a teen from sneaking out or from anyone else sneaking into your home. If you live in a home that is relatively removed from your neighbors and your garage door is operating correctly there really isn't too much harm in the noise coming from a garage door. The noise quickly becomes familiar and associated with some family member coming or going. However, the noise can be exacerbated by a number of factors, the worst of which is a broken or breaking garage door opener or garage door. A flimsy garage door can make a racket on its own if not installed properly whenever it is opened or closed. However, the main culprit is most often the garage door opener. A garage door opener that is not properly lubricated or is possibly damaged can ruin tis sound for even those who have come to enjoy the comforting sound of the garage door opener. If your garage door has started to change its noise or has simply become louder than it previously seemed to be you most likely won't notice right away, mainly because al garage doors are always loud. When you do realize it though make sure that you call a garage door technician as soon as you can because a loud garage door opener or a change in the sound can mean a number of different things. And almost all of those things are going to require somebody with some expertise to come out and check out what is wrong with your garage door.

There are a lot of people that don't enjoy the noise of a garage door opener. If you are the family member that lives above your garage, you live next to someone with a loud garage door opener, or if you simply don't like loud noises then you will probably want to minimize the noise of your garage door as best as you can. The best way to do this is to get a belt drive garage door opener as it is a near silent machine that will cut down on the typical noise that is associated with garage doors. You may even find that your garage door opener is eerily quiet after getting a belt drive garage door opener installed. However, most people that opt for the belt drive don't end up having any regrets at all, despite it being a bit more expensive than your traditional garage door opener. The next culprit for noise in this situation would be the garage door itself. Most often these garage doors are big thin sheets of metal or some similar material. This means that they can make a fair amount of noise when they are rising and falling even when working properly. However, if these start to make more noise than usual then this is yet another alarm for you to take advantage of. There is a very good that an extra loud rattle or otherwise noisy garage door even with a silent garage door opener like a belt drive could mean that something about your garage door isn't working correctly. This could be as simple as a bolt or nut or two that need tightening, or it could be a far larger problem. If you notice a change in the door's noise production take a look to see if you can't spot the culprit yourself, do the minimum amount of maintenance you think you can do before calling someone and see if that doesn't fix it. There is a good chance that tightening everything up and lubricating the appropriate parts will quiet down your garage door to the point where it may even be more quiet than before the change in noise started.

Garage doors make noise and so do their openers. It is a simple fact that we have dealt with since garage doors have been opened. It is the price we pay for the luxury of not having to get out of our cars in order to open our garage doors. Honestly it is a very small price to pay when you think about it. Some people have come to enjoy the sound and the noise it makes and others are looking to make their garage door as quiet as possible with things like the belt drive garage door opener. Either way it is inevitable that garage doors are going to make a bit of noise. The important thing to remember however is that when your garage door or garage door opener starts making more noise than usual that this is a cause for alarm. Your garage door or opener is trying its hardest to let you know that something is going wrong and if you aren't mindful it will end up costing you money or worse. Pay attention to what your garage door is trying to tell you and make sure that when it starts making more noise to do a bit of troubleshooting if you feel up to it, otherwise don't hesitate to call a garage door technician and get them out their to fix it. Whether or not you enjoy the sounds of your garage door opener shouldn't matter when those sounds change in order to tell you to get the system looked at.

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