One to Two Garage Doors

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Your garage doors in many ways should match your home. They should be of similar or complimenting styles, and should reflect what is on the inside as well as the outside of your house if at all possible. So if you have got matching his and her armchairs and his and her sinks you may want to think about getting two garage doors for those red and blue Toyota Camrys you bought yourselves. Having two garage doors may make you feel like a modern day sultan in some respects, but it really is a pretty common way to go if you imagine that you will mostly be parking cars ii your garage and heaps of storage isn't a necessity. While the larger single door approach would most likely be best suited for those "garage door entrepreneurs" it might not be best for those who will be going in and out of their garages often with multiple cars. While this is mostly about functionality aesthetics obviously do play a role because you do want to be happy with the set up you have got going on, so sit back and lets have a think about what might work better for you. In the end you have two choices, (or three if you have a huge garage really) one garage door or multiple.

So what do you need two fancy doors for? Is that really worth all that extra money just for that symmetrical look our eyes crave? Well lets bust some myths here, garage door installation varies a bit in price, and when building your entire garage you probably aren't thinking about the minuscule amount of money a garage door will cost you when put op against the larger cost of constructing or buying a home, relatively speaking. Two garage doors and one garage may in actuality come to cost just about the same amount in the end, so make this decision more about what you want and less about what you want to pay for. Otherwise those extra few dollars you save on something that you will be living with for a number of years down the road might not really seem worth all the trouble. I know garage doors may not be the thing in life you expected to get a lesson on frugal spending and perspective from, but here we are. So when choosing to go single or multi-door in the realm of garages let's think about the simple pros and cons of having one or multiple doors.

Two doors look nice from the outside, the garage is broken up nicely into equal parts and those cars look nice perfectly situated in each door. Aesthetically the two garage door route is not a bad choice. They should be wide for most things to fit through and allow you to store a fair bit in between your cars and on the sides. However those storage slots are pretty well defined by the doors and so if something is bigger than one of them, that means a car isn't going into the garage or you need to find somewhere else to store it. Two doors however means that if you are unlucky enough for one to break, you might just have the other one working fine, Probably not something to base your decision on, so in the end it comes down to the fact that two doors in many situations just looks really nice. If you aren't too pleased with the multiple door look, hold onto your hats for the single door coming up.

Just one door may feel a bit constrictive, and some don't find the look of one huge hole all to appealing, but it certainly has its merits. A single door for a two car garage means that you aren't encumbered by traditional car sizes. If for some reason Hummer starts making cars again you can be the first in line to get one without any worry that it won't fit through your garage door. You will be able to park your boat, a trailer, whatever you like really without having to watch your mirrors as you force it in. A larger door also allows you a bit more room to add a logo or a barn style to your garage door. Another bonus of having only one door is that you can utilize a lot more of the storage while still parking two cars in your two car garage. These are all some of the bonuses of a single garage door, and it seems that the only real problem with the style is if it doesn't quite suit your fancy aesthetically speaking.

While it may seem simple, and having only two choices really does make it so, it can't hurt to give it a little thought. Two doors may seem like the way for you to go until you think of that bought that you just bought on impulse, or maybe you were thinking of getting a huge all wooden door but when you envision it it just doesn't look right. Regardless of how you go through your decision making process just try and keep the pros and cons in mind. In the end you want to choose something that at worst you can live with for the lifetime of your home, or at best that you will see as a redeeming quality of your home for the near future. Your garage door and the garage openings may seem like relatively small details, but you would be surprised at just how often you might use your garage as opposed to other portions of your house. While it may not be as fun as a hot tub, it certainly is more practical, and probably used more often. Lastly, whenever you are making these sorts of decisions, try and talk to a garage door specialist or whoever you are hoping to install your garage door. They will definitely have input that can steer you in the right direction and will give you advice on what type of solutions are for you.

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