Overhead Garage Doors and Weather

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Your garage door is the modern day drawbridge to your "castle" right? It keeps out intruders fairly well and you can open and close it with minimal movement. You are a king in your castle in many respects, it is truly a modern day marvel. But a garage door is much more than that because it keeps out more than just unwanted guests, it very competently keeps out all manner of weather. And that is what we are here to talk about today, whether or not your garage door is installed to weather the weather. It is one of the most important functions of a garage door, to keep out the weather, and if you had a good garage door installation you should be able to stand up to quite a few different types of it without a broken garage door. Rain, sleet or snow, your garage door will stand strong in its attempt to keep your things dry and untouched. So before that tropical storm hits land make sure to repair your garage door so you kit sit back worry free and enjoy nature's beauty.

Wind, the number one killer in america aside from a lot of other dangers probably. Your solid garage door keeps you insulated from everything from a 5 mile per hour wind to gale force winds that would threaten to blow you over. If you have a broken garage door you may be in trouble as any vulnerabilities will likely be exacerbated in high winds and become larger and more problematic. If you do not have a broken garage door you can head out to your garage and enjoy the sound of the wind beating against your garage door while you are safe and sound inside. Your car won't be pelted by all the debris and dust outside, which could lead to paint chipping or worse things like cracked windows or windshields. That garage door will also keep you from needing to sweep up all that debris, and even more tiresome, all of those leaves that would get trapped in there during the fall.

Rain, the nemesis of man since the dawn of time. So maybe that is another exaggeration, but still rain when you are sitting warm near the fire is far different than rain that is pouring down on you while you sit around a fire somewhere. The garage door does simple but important work with making sure that all of those magazines and newspapers you have hoarded in your garage for the past eight years stay in mint condition and out of the rain. Or if you have a more normal garage, it can keep you from ending to wear shoes when you run out to grab something from the car, or just make sure that you don't need to wash your car as often because it stays dry and dust free while you're not driving it. Because your garage is essentially half house and half  the outdoor portion of your home it is important to treat it as such. If you had a huge leak in your home it would most likely make you uneasy or annoyed that you had all sorts of water on the floors of your home. Likewise water on your garage floor, aside from anything dripping off your car, won't be exactly welcome news to you. A garage door keeps your home dry and keeps you from racking water into the rest of your home and causing more of a mess that you don't need.

Because sleet is basically just indecisive rain or snow, I think we can lump it into the snow category without too much confusion. Snow, if you are in a region that gets it, can be a blessing and a curse. You may have a day off of work with the kids off from school to enjoy, but if you have got snow blowing into your garage you won't be enjoying the day for long. You will be shoveling and salting the snow every hour or so and be just as tired as you would have been had you gone to work. Even still all that melted snow in your garage will be ice by morning, making your walk to the car and your exit from the driveway more precarious and maddening than usual. However, there is an easy way to avoid all this hassle and trouble. With a good garage door installation you will be sitting inside reading that book by the fire while your kids play in the other room quietly of course. You will have no worries about your car or garage floor tomorrow morning and will sleep like a baby at night.

The weather may seem like a small thing, but a hurricane, tornado or blizzard getting into your house is no joke. It can be dangerous at worst, and just plain annoying at best. So make sure that you have got a solid garage door installed between you and mother nature. She's a fickle mistress, but with the right tools you can weather the storm with little to no worries about your car and the rest of the things stored in your garage. Whether it is rain, sleet or snow a good garage door is better than any of the other options and will keep you out of the cold and out of your head about all of the things you might lose if something happened to your garage. From everyday rain, a small amount of snow to the bigger storms you hear about on the news, it can all do considerable damage when dealt with in the wrong way, or not at all. In conclusion, the answer should be pretty obvious to any questions you may have about how to keep your garage, safe and dry the answer will most likely be easy. Make sure you have installed a garage door that will get the job done and you have got no reason to worry.

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