Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

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Previously we have looked at three of the more common garage door opener types, belt driven garage door openers, direct drive and chain driven garage door openers, so you may be thinking "what's next?". That is a question that should probably be pretty obvious if you take a look at the precision garage door's <a href=""> opener offering page. </a> If you don't want to follow that link there then I guess I can just tell you, up next we will be looking at the screw drive operated garage doors. Screw drive operated garage door openers are on the older side of all the other type of garage door openers we have gone through and at this point are not extremely common in newer homes. They are generally replaced by chain drive garage door openers for a variety of reasons that we will get to throughout this post. The screw dive garage door opener operates in much the fashion that you could expect from the name. A long threaded metal rod is used in conjunction with plastic teeth in order to close and open the garage door. Despite many of these sort of doors being replaced nowadays there is a definite niche for them to be in and still be the best offering out there.

They are often are replaced or looked over in favor of chain driven garage door openers for their durability and their cost effectiveness. However, screw drive operated garage door openers are much more quite than your typical chain drive garage door openers. They may not be as silent as your belt drive or direct drive garage door opener, but they will make a notable difference to the amount of noise produced by them. This means that all of the things like annoying and complaining neighbors, noisy above garage bedrooms, and leaving in all hours of the night are no longer the problems that they are with the chain drive garage door opener. In this respect they offer a bit of a midway point in regards to the noise level of a garage door opener and so at a higher price point than a chain drive can offer. Would you then be willing pay for a bit less noise but unwilling to go for a direct drive garage door opener? Not so fast, there are other pros and cons for this garage door opener type.

One of the reasons that many screw drive garage door openers are getting replaced is because many people that have them don't need the noise reduction that they provide and so can go for a chain drive garage door which allows them to do maintenance less often and pay less up front. Screw drive garage door openers require maintenance more often, but that maintenance is usually something as simple as lubricated the screw drive and a few parts. Screw dive garage door openers will last a long time if taken care of properly, but compared to other types of garage door openers they do need more routine maintenance, even if it is not a lot of it, than other garage doors. Other sorts of garage door openers can go longer without maintenance before they start to seriously damage themselves unlike the screw drive garage door opener.

One last con of the screw drive garage door opener is that it was designed for older garage doors, meaning that newer heavier doors can burden the mechanism causing it to wear down more quickly. The screw drive garage door opener is best for the thin, lighter and uninsulated garage doors as opposed to the heavier doors. This cuts down on the number of options for garage door types if you are looking to replace a garage door but keep a screw drive garage door opener. Highly insulated doors and heavier doors have their own benefits and may cause you to regret a screw drive garage door opener down the line if you install one now. Previously we have looked at the many reasons that a well insulated garage door is one of the great things that you can do for the well-being of your garage, so do not take this disadvantage lightly.

One of the big benefits to the screw drive garage door opener is its speed. Often times we find ourselves waiting for our garage doors to slowly descend or ascend and it can sometimes be a maddening few seconds or minutes if something is really going wrong. While those few seconds may seem like an eternity every once in a while you can cut down on that feeling with a faster garage door opener. This may not seem important to many home owners but for some they can certainly find a reason for a faster garage door opener. Many commercial businesses find the extra speed to be worth it in the long run and so the addition of more routine maintenance in the pursuit of speed is an easy decision to make.

That about wraps up our lovely overview of the screw drive garage door opener and also then the overview of the many garage door opener types still installed out there today. If you have a screw drive garage door opener I hope that you have learned a bit about what it is capable of and now are more educated about whether you want to keep it in the future should you get the cane to replace it. If you still have questions about your garage door opener or if this has convinced you that you would like to replace your current garage door opener then feel free to get in touch with your local garage door installation professionals and ask them for their opinions and expertise. The screw drive garage door opener certainly has its disadvantages, but for the right home owner or business it surely has not outlived its usefulness. It is a workhorse of a machine and I am sure that you will see many of them for years to come working well if you are on the look out for them.

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