See the (Garage Door) Light!

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Just like legos in the darks there is always something to stub your toe on, step on or possibly even break in your garage. Your garage is where a lot your things are stored, as we've gone over before. It is where you keep your car and probably some off season clothing, maybe even some old toys of your kids or heir sporting equipment. Needless to say there is a lot of "junk" which has the tendency to pile up rather quickly. It seems that whenever we find a new place to store things we inevitably find a bunch more stuff that needs storing, who knows how it happens. One of the best ways to avoid all of this is to get one of the great inventions of man into your garage. That invention is light, or at least a garage door light. A garage door light comes in many shapes and sizes but really it just saves you and your feet from certain doom. Many of these lights are motion sensing which lets you not worry about needing to turn them off in order to save power and makes sure they are on when you need them. If they aren't motion sensing however it is not the worst fate in the world because it is probably still hooked up to your garage door opener meaning that when you are doing things like opening and closing your garage door late at night you won't be doing so in the dark. A timer will then usually save you from having to switch off the light after you have gotten into or exited your car meaning that if you are paying attention to where you are walking you can save yourself some cursing and your toes some aching.

One of the problems with this lovely invention however is that even if you have got L.E.D. bulbs in your overhead garage door light they will eventually burn out. This is where disaster strikes and you start to wonder what you are going to do in a garage that doesn't have an overhead light? You don't have to think like that because replacing these lights is actually quite simple, and unlike a lot of the garage door repair that is usually talked about here it is something that you should be able to tackle on your own in just a few short minutes. If it isn't totally obvious how you open up the globe or lightbox on your garage door opener then take a look around to figure out the model your garage door opener is. You can usually find the brand name and a model name or number somewhere on the garage door opener and just plug that into google which will most likely give you the opener's manual or some information about it. From there you can look to see what needs to be done to get to the dead bulbs and what kind of bulbs you need to replace them with and everything should be relatively easy from there. If you have a fast internet connection and the bulbs on hand you can probably get it all done in around ten minutes' time. Ten minutes is a small price to pay for not stepping on things like tennis balls, rackets or even things that could be potentially more dangerous.

Another great reason for the overhead garage door opener light to exist is that it can help illuminate your way when you are doing things like pull into your garage, something you are doing probably at least once a day at night. Head lights are great and you may even have some fancy road lights that help you park in the garage especially well. You might be the type that has the tennis ball hanging from your garage so that you don't end up pulling in to far and hitting some boxes that are piled up at the far end of your garage. Whatever type of system that you have got in place to make your car fit just perfectly into your garage an overhead garage door opener light will make things much easier. The overhead lamp will help illuminate parts of your garage that the headlights or brake lights simply won't get to be cause it is mounted above the car and not on it. In any case more lights is simply better for getting light hitting your garage and everything in it from every angle, meaning that you hopefully won't be scraping any doors or running over anything after you open your garage door. On top of all that there is simply something nice about that light lighting up at the end of your driveway after a long day that helps to greet you home. It is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel that welcomes you home and guides you right into your house at night.

Your garage has many benefits and does a great job storing things that don't need to be in the house, but even some of the most organized garages end up with a bit of debris on the ground from time to time, especially if you have kids. A light on your garage door opener is now a pretty standard thing that helps make sure to protect your car, your walls and your feet from not being able to see what might be out there lurking in your garage. It is a rather simple luxury that can save you from cursing at the heavens or possibly getting a real injury that could send you to the hospital. It is a really small distinction between a garage door opener with a light and without, but certainly something to keep in mind when shopping for a garage door opener in a new or existing home.

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