Steel Garage Door Materials

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Steel garage doors are more or less where things are going. There are a few advantages to your average steel garage door and since the prices of them have gone down over time they have really become the most popular option. If you are looking for a new garage door, replacing an older garage door or just love learning about garage doors then this is the place for you. Steel garage doors in many ways are the king of garage doors, they have become the most common material used for garage doors and make up around half of new garage doors. This trend also shows no reason to stop as they seem to be a sort of best all around garage door in many areas. In this article we will look at a few pros and a few cons of having a steel garage door and why a steel garage door might or might not be right for you. With the bit of research that you will learn in this article you will hopefully be able to decide which type of garage door is best for you and will be able to talk to your garage door professional knowledgeably about what they recommend.

One of the reasons that steel garage doors have been on the rise in the recent past is because of their cost. Steel prices have come down and making a quality garage door isn’t too tough to do for a small amount of money. They are still more expensive than most wooden or aluminum garage doors but less so than in the past. This means that the playing field is more evened out for the type of garage door you are planning to get. This means that the steel garage door’s other pros can really stand out as a potentially worthwhile investment. With that said the fact that they’re cheap as a benefit can’t really be said, rather that they are a good value.

Another pro is the fact that steel is strong. Steel is what we build skyscrapers and boats out of, it has to stand up to a number of different types of things and we have gotten pretty good at making sure it can. With stainless steel and paint that seals out moisture and other things that may hurt the metal steel has become a pretty hardy thing to make things out of. Garage doors are no different. Garage doors can really benefit from being able to stand up to a bunch of elements because that means that they won’t have to be replaced as often and that they won’t need as much maintenance. The best garage door in the world is only that good if it is maintained correctly. By keeping the amount of maintenance low the steel garage door makes it a valuable investment from those who may not know much about things like a garage door or garage door opener work. Steel garage doors are strong and remain strong for years on end. One of the reasons they are so popular is because they can hold up to weather and even some accidents without showing their wear and tear. Steel garage doors won’t dent or bend as easily when something like a basket ball hits it going too fast or a tennis ball bounces off the garage. This means that a steel garage door is a great choice for those with kids or for those that live in an area where high winds and extreme weather are more common. High quality steel garage doors are often rated to handle extreme weather and high winds making them an easy choice if these things are common in your area.

One con for the steel garage door is the weight. Thicker steel garage doors are some of the heaviest garage doors there are out there. Garage door springs should offload a lot of this weight making it easier for your garage door opener to open and close, but should one of your garage doors springs snap that garage door is going to be very heavy. This isn’t big enough of a con that you would probably decide against a steel garage door, but more of something to keep in mind if you do end up getting one or you do already have a steel garage door.

This last point is a bit of a pro and con. Depending on the quality of your steel garage door and what you want your garage door to do for you, you may look at some of the nicer insulated steel garage doors. Insulated steel garage doors work great to insulate the cold and heat from your garage and your home. However, lesser steel garage doors often won’t have any sort of built in insulation at all. This means that they offer very little natural insulation because of steels poor insulation qualities when working on its own. After market insulation kits can be costly if you need them and so in this case the con is that people don’t know that steel garage doors can be both good and bad insulators.

Steel garage doors have very few disadvantages. They run through a wide range of prices, but if you talk to your garage door professional they will be able to tell you which one they think is right for you. Steel garage doors can very easily be the best choice of garage door material for a lot of people. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can nearly be tailored to all different sorts of lifestyles. They are extremely well suited for those with extreme winds and weather because of their ability to be reinforced to handle storms and even hurricanes as well as because of their ability to be well insulated. Steel garage doors are also extremely durable with minimal maintenance so are very good for those who don’t want to have to paint their garage door every few months just to keep moisture out of it or something similar.

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