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One thing that many homeowners find themselves wondering about is why does my garage door need its garage door springs replaced? In today’s day and age we see more and more things being treated more or less as disposable goods. Even many cars these days are manufactured in such a way that the first problem that arises in them makes them too costly to fix. A garage door however isn’t the same type of machine and so has parts that last longer and shorter than other parts. The garage door spring is one of those less lasting parts despite being one of the best engineered parts of your garage door opener system. This is because your garage door springs do pretty much all of the hard work related to you garage door opening and closing. In order to give you a better understanding of why your garage door spring broke in this article we will take a look at what sort of pressures are on your garage door springs that make them wear down. While these won’t help you fix the broken garage door spring that is keeping you from getting your car out of the garage right now it will help you understand why you are shelling out the money to get it fixed instead of buying an entirely new garage door opener system.

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