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Garage Door Alternatives 2

2016-04-01 15:40:05

Last we looked at some of the easy and lazy ways to put off getting your garage door or garage door opener fixed. It can be an incredibly easy thing to do, sometimes just taking a few minutes on the phone, so you should never put off the repair because of laziness. The main reason why anybody might put off a repair appointment or scheduling one is because of cost. However, in this article we are going to take a look at some of the other ways you might try and replace your garage door and how they are going to end up being more expensive, more of a hassle or both. Last article we looked at some pretty obvious options, but in this article we are going to have a bit more fun. These are going to be slightly out of the box solutions to the garage door problem that people might think up as an idea to save them money in the short term. None of these ideas are recommended, but what is recommended is to simply call up your garage door professional as soon as you notice something going wrong in order to get things back in perfect working order. If you have any out of the box garage door solutions that you have thought up or heard of, please feel free to mention them in the comments.
One option you may think of, if you are the type to try an innovative solution, is a guard dog. Seemingly a guard dog ticks a lot of the boxes that a garage door does. At the same time, an open garage gives a dog the perfect place to live and sleep so that it can be on the job whenever you need. With very little thought involved it seems like a pretty good idea. Then however you begin to think about the logistics involved. You need to buy and take care of a dog, which means food, and if you live in a particularly cold or hot area then you need to give the dog shelter, which brings you back to square one. The dog also really only solves the security issue of your garage door being open. The issue that your car and anything else you store in your garage is exposed to the elements is still unsolved and, depending on the dog, possibly even more at risk for damages. Of course getting a dog for this reason just doesn’t make sense, and you should have much better reasons for getting a dog than you are feeling lazy and cheap. Those two don’t look good for the dog then.
Another option to take care of your broken garage door problem is to hire somebody. Hiring a security guard to man the entrance to your garage is pretty similar to the guard dog scenario except most likely more costly but morally okay as well. You’ll be providing someone with a job, but the job will be pretty boring and will not be worth what it is necessary to pay someone to keep your car or other things safe. After just one week of paying somebody minimum wage to keep your garage safe you will have easily over shot the budget it would take to have your garage door repaired. In this case there is pretty much no reason to go this route. A guard will be unable to protect your things and car from the weather, just like the dog and you will most likely regret the decision to use a person rather than fixing what you already have pretty quickly.
The last option that we’ll go through in this article is a bit of a joke, even compared to the ones mentioned above. A kindly worded sign might be something that you think of for a half second so here it goes. Putting a kindly worded sign or even one that says there are dogs in your garage waiting for somebody to enter, whatever your personality or mind tells you is the right choice probably won’t work. If anything putting a sign or not on your not working or open garage door is just going to draw more attention to the fact that you have left your garage door opened and there is a good chance that you wouldn’t even notice if someone were to enter and leave with something. This not or sign also assumedly would do very little to protect your car or anything else from the weather or prying eyes. Essentially the only thing this option does is give you the feeling that you did something rather than nothing. It also lets you easily still drive in and out of your garage because there is no garage door or obstacle at all to your entry or exit.
All of these, especially that last one, may seem a little far fetched. When it comes to your garage door there is really only one thing to recommend, get it fixed. A new garage door and garage door opener may cost a lot, but just repairing one you already own will probably cost a lot less. If you manage to get it repaired quickly you may not even have to deal with not having a garage door for long enough to even think of an alternative. The amount of effort and money that you would spend on any of the alternatives to having a working garage door that we have talked about would probably pretty quickly have you regretting your decision. To make the whole thing easier you can just call your local garage door professional and tell them what is wrong or have them come out and take a look. Hopefully the work will be simple and cheap and you won’t need to think about hiring a security guard or check the pound for a guard dog that you like. As was said at the beginning of the article, if you have any good or funny ideas of your own for what you might do if you had to put off fixing your garage door for a while, please tell us in the comments.

Garage Door Alternatives

2016-03-30 15:30:19

Why do you need a garage door? There are a number of reasons why garage doors are so popular, but when it comes to their alternatives you never really see them. This is because garage doors are such an integral part of many of our daily lives’ that we just are unable to live without them. This means that whenever something happens to your garage door you really have no choice but to get the garage door repaired. When you have a broken garage door there are however a few things that you may think of as reasonable alternative before you get your mind straight. Garage door repairs aren’t extremely expensive, but any unforeseen expense can send a tight budget into a spiral and you might be thinking that by putting off the cost or coming up with an easy alternative to fixing your garage door you will be able to send the bill down the line or avoid it all together. This of course is false, but you don’t need to trust me just yet. In this article we will look at some of the alternatives. We will look at the things that the average home owner might think of as possibilities to paying a garage door repair service to come out and fix whatever broken part or piece there is to be repaired.

Garages A Flexible Space

2016-03-27 15:28:40

Garages are one of the most flexible rooms in the entirety of your home. The competition for that title is fierce, but the garage has one thing that no other room in your house has, a garage door. Obviously from the name of the door you would expect nothing less, but let us look at the competition nonetheless. Very few rooms in your house can serve as an air hockey arena one day and the next be your home office. Two rooms that many houses have though can. Those rooms are the basement and the attic. If you have all three of these rooms one or two of them are most likely used to store things that you want to keep around but just don’t always need or have room for. While the garage does this well, it should be your last choice for just being a storage facility, because it is so flexible and well equipped do other things. The main reason that a garage is so flexible is because the garage door and the way garages are built, they typically have very little in them and things can be changed up, moved around or removed from them incredibly quickly all because of the garage door. In this article we will go into some of the things that make your garage so flexible and will hopefully get you to see and appreciate the potential that your garage has to be practically anything you could want it to be.

One of the less talked about but still hard working parts of your average garage door is the weather seal. That little bit of plastic or rubber that runs along the bottom of your garage door does a pretty astounding amount of work for being simply a cheap piece of rubber for the most part. What exactly does it do though? Why is it so important? And how often does it ned to be replaced? These are the questions you may have if you are just really noticing that small strip of material on the bottom of your garage door. Thankfully in this article we will be working to shed some light on those questions to give you the information you need to make sure your garage door is doing everything it can for you. That means knowing when to replace certain parts and how important they are when it comes to the various functions of your garage door. The weather seal may be a seemingly inconsequential and cheap piece of the garage door as a whole, but it can make a big difference when not there or if it is in disrepair. This small piece of the garage door as a whole can make a big impact on things like weather (obviously), noise, and temperature insulation.

It can be somber to think about but danger is out there. Modern day life has made things much safer and easier than they used to be, but there are still things that can surprise and even harm you if you still aren’t careful. Thankfully there are things like garage doors in the world. Garage doors keep us safe from intruders or extreme weather, but they also would keep us safe from other things that you may not think about. In the last post we talked about some of the specific things that garage doors protect you from everyday. Some of those things though were actually quite ridiculous, but today we are back with more ridiculous garage door benefits so get ready to enjoy the little things in life as your garage door saves you from vague threats that you could somehow imagine coming across. All you have to do while reading this article is remember that all of the safety you feel from not having to deal with these things is brought to you by your garage door. If you enjoy this article and haven’t read the previous one head on back to it and enjoy some more great garage door features that you may have never thought about.

Garage Doors Save Lives

2015-12-22 19:17:49

Life in many respects is dangerous. We do all we can to mitigate the risks that we take, but in the end for many of them there is nothing we can do. On somewhat less somber note however there are things that in our everyday life protect us from harm, be it ridiculous potential risks or real everyday harm. In this article today we are going to look at some of the more hilarious and ridiculous risks to your health and well-being that your garage door may keep you from. While you most likely won’t face any of these problems in the near future it may be fun to not take for granted some of the life saving that your big metal, wooden or otherwise garage door does for you. Many of them may be wildly improbable but for the most part they are just meant to be fun and not to scare you or to really teach you how to keep yourself safe.

Garage Door Music!

2015-12-17 22:29:44

A garage can be turned into nearly anything. The space in your garage is often one of the bigger rooms in your house and the sheer uninhibited size is one of the most easily usable things about the room. It can be turned into a bedroom, a den, an extra living room, workspace and more extremely easily and then converted back to a car storage room with little to no construction necessary. In face the garage door opening allows you to easily bring furniture you would otherwise not be able to fit into some houses in easily and quickly. You may be thinking then what you should do with your garage once all apple and google take over the auto industry and we have autonomous vehicles driving us everywhere. With what we’ve said so far it seems that there is no shortage of things that your garage can be turned into without much trouble at all. What if then you want to really go all in on one of your big interests with this newfound room or just convert your garage halfway into a room for your hobbies with the other half still housing cars. Regardless of how or why you are doing it we are going to investigate one interest in particular and how well your garage might be suited for it. That interest is, music.

When you are looking into the type of garage door that might be right for you there is one thing that you should keep in mind when choosing your garage door. It’s a pretty important piece of criteria that affects how you probably make a lot of decisions and not just those that are garage door related in fact. This one important piece of criteria is whether or not you have kids. While they may not seem like they are directly related to your garage door choice you will find that in some ways you really should take it into account. The right garage door can really make your life a whole lot easier if you let it by working well with your lifestyle, and so because children are such a big part of every family’s lifestyle they should factor into your garage door decision a bit. In this article we will take a look at some of the things that certain garage doors may excel at in regard to family owners. This includes things like extra safety measures and the kid proofing of your garage door and the garage door opener system, among others.

Garage Door Sizes

2015-12-07 22:05:17

If you live with a garage door then you have most likely noticed at least once or twice that your garage door is in fact a rather large piece of real estate, even when compared to your home. However large your home is, the front of it is typically broken up by things like windows, doors, or other architectural features. When it comes to your garage door though there are far less things to get in the way. Depending on your garage door’s design you may have windows to break things up, or some nice aesthetic accessories, but otherwise it is a pretty flat landscape of aluminum, wood, orsome other material. What you then may also notice is that because your garage door is just that, a door, there is not a whole lot of support available for the actual door other than on the sides. This means that garage doors with greater widths can in some cases be more susceptible to damage than those with lesser widths. In order to frame this in a more relatable sense we can simply look at this from a customer’s perspective. When you are building your home or your garage or simply thinking about renovating, one of the decisions that you will have to make is about the number of garage doors to the number of “cars” that your garage is sized for. Obviously your garage can and most likely will hold more than just cars, but nevertheless the measurements you mostly hear are about the number of cars they could ostensibly house. When it comes to your garage size you will then need to figure out how your garage doors will cover the area and how you want to do so. This article will look at some of the options and the benefits and drawbacks of each.You can use this article to get a bit of an idea of what you may be looking for, but in most cases you will still want to talk over your opinions and prospective choices with a professional before committing. That professional may be a contractor or a garage door professional, depending on your needs and your worries.

Garage Greenhouses

2015-12-02 22:00:04

Depending on your personal preferences and your climate you may be one of many people in the world who fancy themselves a bit of a gardener. Whether you have got a green thumb that’s made you the envy of the neighbors, you just enjoy the look and smell of the occasional flower or you just enjoy growing your own produce and herbs there is one spot that you may not have first thought of when thinking of where to have your garden. That’s right it is in your garage! While it may come as a surprise to some, behind an unexpected number of garage doors is in fact a decadent greenhouse. While there are a lot of things that you need to account for planning a greenhouse the place is usually something that most see as an inevitably large investment. Those all glass enclosures that only seem to be seen in movies aren’t actually as necessary as they may seem. Your garage in fact can do a great job as a greenhouse in its current state, and with a few improvements it will have your garden or your garden fresh meals the talk of the town. There are tons of benefits to having plants in your life from the stress relief it provides to the potential health benefits of growing your own plants for consumption. In this article we will look at the things that might just make your garage the perfect makeshift greenhouse for when you forsake your car and go into sustainable horticulture, or at least for when you decide that you enjoy fresh basil for your weekly pasta nights.

Garage Door Accidents Part 2

2015-12-01 17:39:31

Garage door openers like has been said before have become a near staple of modern life. At this point if you own a home without an automatic garage door opener and you live somewhere in the suburbs or at least out of the urban centers of apartments you are an outlier statistically. Garage door openers make our garages more usable and convenient and our whole homes safer from a security perspective. What you may not know however is that accidents happen with garage doors that can become dangerous to you and your family. There is a lot of power needed to close a big heavy door and if that power is misused or gets put into the wrong spot then people can get hurt. While the garage door certainly isn’t the most dangerous thing in your house by a long shot it is important to know what to do if something happens with your garage door and your family or a pet for instance. This is certainly something that we don’t like to think about, but it is something that can happen so it is always better to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Garage Door accidents

2015-11-26 17:27:04

There are two types of garage door accidents that can occur in your life and hopefully you won’t have to ever experience any of them, but for the sake of knowing a bit about how to deal with the situations should they come up we are going to go through them. This article will cover the first type of accident (the better kind in my opinion) and the other type of accident will be covered later. Garage doors are extremely helpful in our daily life and at this point may even be taken for granted up to a point. However, they can at times be dangerous to us. The first type of accident that you can encounter is you encountering your garage door in your car. By that I mean a crash into your garage door most simply. It is hopefully an accident, but it really can be dangerous to most importantly you and your garage door. 

One thing that many homeowners find themselves wondering about is why does my garage door need its garage door springs replaced? In today’s day and age we see more and more things being treated more or less as disposable goods. Even many cars these days are manufactured in such a way that the first problem that arises in them makes them too costly to fix. A garage door however isn’t the same type of machine and so has parts that last longer and shorter than other parts. The garage door spring is one of those less lasting parts despite being one of the best engineered parts of your garage door opener system. This is because your garage door springs do pretty much all of the hard work related to you garage door opening and closing. In order to give you a better understanding of why your garage door spring broke in this article we will take a look at what sort of pressures are on your garage door springs that make them wear down. While these won’t help you fix the broken garage door spring that is keeping you from getting your car out of the garage right now it will help you understand why you are shelling out the money to get it fixed instead of buying an entirely new garage door opener system.

Your Garage Door Matters

2015-05-23 15:34:36

Home owners, in terms of home improvement, fall on a spectrum with two ends there are the do-it-yourselfers and the call-someone-for-everythingers. That second term hasn’t quite caught on yet but once somebody figures out a better way to say the acronym I am sure you will be seeing it everywhere. Regardless most home owners fall somewhere in the middle and enjoy knowing when they are out of their depth of expertise and when they can save a bit of money and be rewarded with doing a project themselves. A garage door installation or garage door repair certainly falls near the "I think we should call someone" end of the spectrum as far as home improvement projects go. Your problem may be as simple as a dry belt that needs greasing or it could be something much larger, the problem is while many of us use a garage door every day it is a whole other animal to take it apart and find out what might be wrong with it. A skill set that is honest going to waste if you are only fixing your own garage door once in a blue moon. It seems we've gotten ahead of our selves though, what I'm here to talk about today is the importance of your garage door.

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