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Garages are known for their usage as storage rooms basically. Household warehouses if you will that typically house a few boxes of miscellaneous objects along with a car or two. The things kept in your garage are kept there so they remain close to home, private and secure. Oftentimes if given the chance you might even store some of the things in your garage in something like a self storage depot, but the cost and ease of your garage outweigh the other option. There are things however that probably shouldn’t be stored in your garage. Your garage is a pretty forgiving place with lots of room, a big garage door to move things in and out and its very close to your home. However, there are a few things in life that don’t belong in your garage. In this article we are going to have some fun and look at some of the thing that are better left stored or kept elsewhere in your home ore out of your home. The main thing is that these things shouldn’t be in your garage for whatever reason. There are really now right or wrong answers here as everyone’s situation is different so feel free to comment on these or suggest some of your own tips.

A Wine Cellar Garage

2016-03-08 19:52:35

If you are a home owner or garage owner you may have thought a few times about what your dream home would entail. Whether it’s floor to ceiling big screen TVs or an old rustic home with oil lamps we all have a vision of what our dream home could be. It’s almost never realistic or even functional, but we have things that we would love in our home on a sort of list. One of the things that many people dream about is a wine cellar. For all the big wine drinkers the wine cellar is the epitome of class bringing the love or a beverage to a whole other level. If you’re the type who has thought about having something like a wine cellar before then what would you say to the idea of a wine cellar in your garage? Having a garage wine cellar is a great use of your garage especially if you haven’t got a car to store in your garage any longer. If you don’t have anything in your garage it is easy to just fill it with junk that doesn’t really belong in your home anymore and could pretty easily be disposed of. That space would much better be suited for something like a garage wine cellar, I can almost guarantee it.

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