Every garage door is unique. Here's some of their stories...

One of the less talked about but still hard working parts of your average garage door is the weather seal. That little bit of plastic or rubber that runs along the bottom of your garage door does a pretty astounding amount of work for being simply a cheap piece of rubber for the most part. What exactly does it do though? Why is it so important? And how often does it ned to be replaced? These are the questions you may have if you are just really noticing that small strip of material on the bottom of your garage door. Thankfully in this article we will be working to shed some light on those questions to give you the information you need to make sure your garage door is doing everything it can for you. That means knowing when to replace certain parts and how important they are when it comes to the various functions of your garage door. The weather seal may be a seemingly inconsequential and cheap piece of the garage door as a whole, but it can make a big difference when not there or if it is in disrepair. This small piece of the garage door as a whole can make a big impact on things like weather (obviously), noise, and temperature insulation.

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