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The Story of a Broken Garage Door

Last time we were looking at one of the oldest garage door companies that still prizes itself on its roots being in a town in Ohio with a lot of Amish history. Wayne Dalton is a company that strives to marry the ideals of traditional American workmanship with the innovation of new technologies which results in some great looking and wonderfully operating garage doors. Next on our list of "big names" is an international competitor. International in the sense that the company has locations and does business throughout the globe, however the headquarters is still located here in the United States in Georgia. Janus is a company that does business all over the world and specializes in a no frills design to benefit businesses. Does that mean you need to be a business owner to be the type of person that should look at Janus as an option? Certainly not.

Janus offers the type of door that is built to do a job more than it is built to look nice. That is not to say the clean design will not work for some houses or for storage units on your property. If you use your garage as a workshop or to store more than just your car you may want to look into what a Janus door can over you. They offer a big quality of craftsmanship and materials as well as a solid door that can be fitted to nearly any type of structure and look like it was made for it. The steel rollup doors that Janus manufactures are built unlike any other and are the perfect no nonsense type of door that will keep your work in while keeping everything else out. They are built to insulate better than your average garage door so if keeping heat or air inside your garage is a goal these just might be for you. The Janus company caters to many businesses around the world and you have probably used their doors on multiple occasions. Self-storage businesses all over trust their doors to keep people and pests out while requiring next to no maintenance for a door that you'll only need to think about once, when you get it installed. Janus is a company that believes in using the finest materials on a large scale so that they can source them sustainably and more cheaply so they can pass on high value prices to their customers.

The doors that Janus offers may not be for everyone, but if you need a serious door that will help with security and require very little maintenance for the foreseeable future talk to whoever is doing your installation about Janus. If you want your garage to be all business, maybe it is where you do your woodworking, where you restore an old car, or you store merchandise for your home business Janus might be the right garage door for you. Perhaps you don't even really think of yourself as a business owner but would rather a reliable easy solution to a garage door that seems to always need repairs and doesn't get a lot of "eye traffic" Janus is still a possibility for you too.