Things Not To Store In A Garage

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Garages are known for their usage as storage rooms basically. Household warehouses if you will that typically house a few boxes of miscellaneous objects along with a car or two. The things kept in your garage are kept there so they remain close to home, private and secure. Oftentimes if given the chance you might even store some of the things in your garage in something like a self storage depot, but the cost and ease of your garage outweigh the other option. There are things however that probably shouldn’t be stored in your garage. Your garage is a pretty forgiving place with lots of room, a big garage door to move things in and out and its very close to your home. However, there are a few things in life that don’t belong in your garage. In this article we are going to have some fun and look at some of the thing that are better left stored or kept elsewhere in your home ore out of your home. The main thing is that these things shouldn’t be in your garage for whatever reason. There are really now right or wrong answers here as everyone’s situation is different so feel free to comment on these or suggest some of your own tips.

One thing you shouldn’t keep in your garage are wild animals. Whether it’s a gorilla, some raccoons or a giraffe, keeping animals in your garage is gonna end up going wrong pretty quickly. Untrained animals should be supervised and as strong and secure your garage door might be it isn’t the type of thing you hope to put to the test of something like a silverback gorilla. You probably shouldn’t have a gorilla in the first place, but in any case if you do have one keeping it in the garage is not recommended. What you will most likely end up with is a great deal of animal feces, and a broken garage door. Even if just one of those things happens you are gong to be unhappy and there is a good chance that this sort of confinement will be bad for your animal and that they will end up running away anyway. So if you were thinking of trading in some exotic animals in the near future it might be best to hold off until you have the proper type of facilities and permits to house them.

If wild exotic animals aren’t your thing then how about wild conspiracies? If you have got some files on the roswell area 51 landings or the JFK assassination you garage might not be the best place to keep them. While you should really probably not have them I am sure that a newspaper or other media outlet would be more than happy to take them off your hands. Even if that isn’t you’re style you could even hand the stuff over to the government somehow. The last thing that you want to do though is to just keep the files boxed up in your garage. If word gets out that you have got that tort of thing sitting behind a garage door there are going to be people knocking on that garage door before long looking for answers. As secure as garage doors can be when properly installed and maintained they aren’t exactly equipped to be hiding national secrets. That sort of thing really demands a higher level than your average garage door so it would be best if you got it into there right hands if you could.

Another thing you probably shouldn’t be leaving in your garage is all of your electronics. And when I mean all I mean all. Having all of your computers and hard drives in the same spot is not a good idea regardless of where you keep them. Keeping them all together in a place that is known to attract a fair bit of moisture from time to time is really just asking for trouble. We have the cloud nowadays for these sorts of things, but otherwise you shouldn’t leave all your electronics in one spot that might be prone to moisture if the rain hits things right. Another problem with this idea is that your electronics and information are valuable to you and if you make the mistake of leaving your garage door open one time to many that could be the end of your great repertoire of electronic goodies. Computers and whatnot are expensive and so leaving them somewhere where they could be easily snapped up is never a good idea. Lastly, you shouldn’t do this just because it’s inconvenient. Unless you are using your garage as an office of some sorts then keeping all those electronics in there is just going to mean that you rea wasting time going out to the garage to get them far too often.

Whether it’s gorillas, secret files or just your files there actually are thing that you garage shouldn’t be protecting from the outside world. As strong as your garage door may be there is only so much that it can do to keep something like a wild animal inside your garage or a top secret file from falling into the wrong hands. While this is all said in good humor if you are thinking about trying any of these things you should really rethink the idea and maybe ask some questions about what you are keeping in your home. Your garage is a great place for keeping all sorts of things, your garage door keeps them secure, easily accessible and relatively safe from pests and the weather. It’s really the best you can hope for from a storage solution that costs you nothing and requires nearly no maintenance on your part.

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