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Traditional and Carriage Overhead Garage Doors

Simply speaking when you are looking at garage doors for your home, as opposed to commercial garage doors, there are a lot of brands that you can choose from. You have got Wayne Dalton, Liftmaster, Genie, Janus, Amarr and more. Some of these have been covered and more will be covered more in depth not the brands' history what type of products they supply, etc. They all however are producing two different types of garage doors, the traditional style and the carriage style doors that we see  in neighborhoods all over. While they both for the most part fill the same necessity of keeping you and your car in while keeping others out they do have a variety of differences which are worth looking into. Both styles might work for you or one may fit your needs better than another, so if you read through this and think one is for you talk to whoever is handling your garage door installation and see what they think.

First we will start with traditional garage doors, mainly because they are traditional so it only seems right. The traditional style of garage door is the one that you have most likely seen on the bulk of houses in your lifetime. It is a popular option because the design is simple, it can save space and works on a large variety of homes. The traditional style of garage door rolls up to the top of the garage using a motor that typically is situated in the center of the door just below it when the door is opened. This type of door, because it must roll up, is separated into a number of sections, which is a look that has come to be synonymous with garage doors. This setup means the garage door opens and closes vertically and that things can be stored or readied to enter or exit the garage up to inches away from the garage door without being in danger of being scratched or damaged in anyway. Having the door in sections means that a solid door look is difficult to attain with the use of the traditional styled garage door, while not altogether impossible. Another problem that comes with the traditionally styled door is the fact that you could lose some storage space in the area above the door when the door is opened. Any garages that have a significant amount of space above the garage door opening would most likely have to sacrifice that space because of the machinery and storage of the garage door while open. These doors however are extremely durable, safe and secure despite the drawbacks I have pointed out. If none of these problems affect you or you feel that the  look of a sectional door is for you no matter what talk to whoever you need to to get a traditional styled door on your house as soon as possible. If you still need some convincing, just want to see the other option, or think a traditional styled door is not the garage door for you then keep on reading.

The carriage style garage door is growing in popularity for its aesthetic values and is a solid option if you feel that the traditional style garage door is not for you. The carriage style garage door beautifully hearkens back to the days of barns or or farmhouses with the older aesthetics that can be accomplished with it. There are also a number of more updated and modern choices for a carriage style garage door that can be the finishing touch to make your minimalist modern mansion magnificent. Whether you are going for old styled country house or renovated industrial loft the carriage style garage door may be for you. The single material that the garage door can be made out of means you can create a lot of different aesthetics that will compliment a variety of different types of homes. The mechanism for a carriage style garage door is different from a traditional style garage door in that the garage door does not roll and is not stored inside the garage which allows for you to use your garage in many more ways. However, this difference also means that you cannot pull your car right up to the door before opening it or put other things in the same spot. If you have a small driveway or will be using your driveway in a variety of ways and need the entire driveway clear the carriage style door may not be for you. In addition to the aesthetic allure of some of the unbroken doors that can be used in a carriage style garage door the simple difference in the way the door opens may be just the thing that you find works for the rest of your house. If all of this has you thinking that your house might be the perfect fit for a carriage style garage door than talk to whoever you have contacted for your garage door installation and let them know what you are thinking.

There you are, you are now practically a garage door designer and could probably even build a garage door yourself. Don't quote me on that but if you don't agree maybe just talk to whoever you have contacted to help you with your garage door installation or garage door repair and tell them all of the lovely new information you know. You will sound like an insider in no time and will be able to communicate your dream house and your dream garage door more easily which means you get the garage door you want faster. Knowing a bit more about the styles can help you pick what works for your house and your lifestyle best so that you aren't sacrificing a great looking garage door for one that works best for you and vice versa.