Urban, Suburban, Rural Garage Doors

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Living in different places all have their pros and cons, urban life may be for some while others prefer rural life. Others still enjoy suburbia for its many benefits, and none of these people are wrong in their choices. What I am here to talk about is to posit that while garage  doors are not unheard of in urban areas, they are not exactly common. So do garage doors affect your appraisal of these different regions? I am here today to show you that if they do not, that they should. I will also be getting into why and how they should of course. Each population has its own perks which work for different people, but here we are just focusing on the garage aspect of these areas. It is a pretty specific point, so I think we can get pretty detailed with it all pretty quickly. With nothing else to say on the matter, let's get started with urban areas.

In urban areas garage doors are seldom seen in residential areas. Sure most store fronts have them, but that is simply for them to close down when the close up shop for the night. Most areas in cities have town houses or apartments and so personal garages are not a given. If you have a car you will probably have to pay for a spot to keep it in a garage and this does not allow you to store anything aside from a car there. Not the best deal in the world, but city life is expensive. This also means that your storage is extremely limited, because most of us use our garages for storing more than just a car. Garages are for food, bicycles, hobbies, home supplies, out of season clothing, pretty much anything that does not have to be available incredibly quickly. This means that people in urban areas either need to own less stuff, which is hard for many of us to do, or to invest in personal storage somewhere relatively nearby. You then end up paying quite a bit a year for services that don't exactly equal having your own garage, but it is close enough. Maybe you live this way for a while until you start yearning for the garages and garage doors of a less populated area. So, you move to the suburbs.

The suburbs, renowned for their school systems, safety, real estate value and space. Most homes in suburban developed areas come with a garage, often times a two car garage. This means tons of space compared to that city life you were living earlier. You can have two cars, maybe more, and keep most of your  nonessential goods between your garage and your attic without having to part with much too often. It's the happy middle life which hopefully gives you the space to breathe and have everything you need just within reach. Your garage may be big enough for things like a workshop, allowing you to blow off some steam and tinker or create, or it may just turn into a spot with a tv and beer where you can enjoy watching a game at whatever volume you wish without waking the rest of the house. You may not be housing your own plane or fleet of old cars in your garage here, but it certainly is a step up from no garage at all, and nothing to scoff at. The garage door opening is nearly synonymous with the start of the day in suburbia as all the commuters head off to work. And now you are one of them, for a few years at least before you decide to retire some place different. You want a garage door that will make people awestruck, so you move way out to a rural area.

Land is cheaper as are most things really, which means that you can build or buy the biggest garage and garage door you can imagine. You can choose between the size of a barn or a small hangar, it really doesn't matter. The important thing is to make sure it is what you need for all of you adventures you planned for old age and rural life. That small plane will probably fit in there as well as that fleet of old cars that you plan on fixing up. This garage is a hoarder's dream, you'll never have to throw something out again. And why would you? You can find a use for it all someday, this garage is the dream of many who want their own workshop and storage for their giant projects. If you are somebody who wants all of this I am sure that you have thought about the pros a giant garage can give you in a rural area as opposed to other denser areas. However, for the other areas I doubt that when you are choosing to move to them you really think about having or not having a garage at all.

So garages and garage doors may not be the first thing you think of when choosing to live in one area or another. Oftentimes we are dictated by factors like occupation and family status more than small details like a love for tinkering in your own workshop. With that said if you are moving to one of these areas why not enjoy these perspectives on what life will be like from a strictly garage owning perspective. So if you are moving to an urban area maybe search for that elusive place with a garage included. If you are in a suburb plan how to get the most out of your garage space, and finally if you are in a rural area, start cooking up some crazy ideas to do in your garage if you are looking to get a huge one for all of your needs.

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