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Wayne Dalton Garage Overhead Garage Door Parts

Garage doors come in many shapes, brands and sizes and like any industry each brand however small, big, old or new has its own personality and its own way of doing things. So why don't we take the time to focus on a few of the big brands in garage door machinery and get to know what makes them similar to each other and different from each other. Starting with none other than one of the older brands in the industry of garage doors, Wayne Dalton. While you may not know it you have probably seen most of the brands of garage doors that I will go through, but because the installation is often done by somebody else and because people don't want a big logo on their garage door for the most part you probably won't know when you see one.

The Wayne Dalton company has been around for over sixty years and is one of the larger American garage door suppliers. Wayne Dalton was started in Holmes County Ohio and the largest of their manufacturing facilities is still located there. Started in a community steeped in Amish values you can see how the company has grown while sticking to may of the traditions and values they started with. Wayne Dalton prides itself on being a leader in Garage Door innovation while still staying committed to traditional craftsmanship. The company marries innovative technologies with old fashioned American workmanship to give you a wide variety of selection for garage doors as well as the ability to work with you to try and get the garage door of your dreams. You can even still see Amish farmers doing their daily work in the small town that houses the Wayne Dalton manufacturing plant.

Wayne Dalton gain is just one of many popular garage door brands than you can  choose from but with such a large selection of solid and aesthetically pleasing choices it'll be a wonder if you get much further than Wayne Dalton before finding your perfect garage door to make your home complete. That is of course not to say that you should limit yourself in anyway to just looking at Wayne Dalton products for your installation, but you wouldn't be in a terrible spot if you did. So if you are looking for one of the most popular brands that can offer you old fashioned craftsmanship with innovative technology talk to whoever is doing your installation about some of Wayne Dalton's offerings.