Wooden Garage Door Materials

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Garage doors are made out of a few of the same materials and have been for many years. Wood, metal, and variations on those have been pretty much the industry standard for garage doors for decades. Every so often something comes along and hopes to dethrone these old standbys but usually they are too expensive to warrant any need for a change and don’t really have enough potential to make your garage door better to make it worthwhile. The first garage door material out there was wood. Wood has been used for pretty much everything at some point or another and so it is an obvious first choice for garage doors to start with. Wood garage doors have a number of pros as well as a few cons to them, but they were the best choice for the majority of the population for a long time. They still have their place in our homes and garages, but whether they are best or not is sometimes tough to decide so you really need to the situation and what wooden garage doors are good at. In this article we’ll look at the pros and cons to help you do a bit of research on what your garage door material your garage door should be made out of.

The number one reason that wooden garage doors were so popular for so long is because they were cheap to make. Wood products are pretty cheap to make when all you need are relatively thin layers of small sections. This is why garage doors for so long were made from wood for the most part. The prices have fluctuated as logging and deforestation have become practices that are more regulated for environmental reasons, but nevertheless they remain a very affordable option. Nowadays when looking at wooden garage doors the cost is less of a big deal because other materials have be come relatively cheap and to find a garage door that is made from sustainable wood is not that much cheaper if at all. One good thing is that your garage door will most likely be relatively cheap to get rid of and it will be environmentally friendly to do so. Unless your garage door is painted with extremely old paint or treated with a bunch of chemicals it should be relatively easy to find a place that will be able to take it and reuse it.

Another pro to wooden garage doors is how flexible they are, not physically flexible but that could be a selling point as well. Wooden garage doors are aesthetically very flexible. They can be painted, stained, left to weather or painted again. They give you the option of letting their natural grain shine through or painting over it every few years depending on the wear and tear that your garage door goes through and how often the style and colors of your home change. The wooden garage door is the go to look for other materials because it was the standard for so long. Other garage doors are designed to try and look more like wooden garage doors for the most part and for this reason there is really no better aesthetic choice than a wooden garage door for you home. You won’t need to fake the grain of the wood because it will actually be there and look like a real wooden garage door not an imitation. You can also change up the look with nothing more than the right type of paint, other garage doors require a lot more work and you may not even be able to change the look of them by yourself.

One con to the wooden garage door is that it’s wooden. Wood has some durability issues unless properly taken care of which means that you need to be vigilant with a wooden garage door. Things like termites and rot are big threats to wooden garage doors that don’t really affect any of the other ones. Of course a lot of the wood and paints used today are treated chemically to keep the risk of these sorts of things down or they are just sealed especially well to keep out rot and pests. Wooden doors however do eventually need to be replaced because wood isn’t exactly an invincible material. Wooden garage doors can last a long time if cared for properly and painted and cleaned often, but when compared to some of the other garage door materials this is definitely a disadvantage. They are not as strong as the metal doors and won’t be able to hold up to and sort of serious impact too well and won’t hold up as long to normal wear and tear.

Is a wooden garage door right for you though? Wooden garage doors have been the standard in garage doors for many years, but that is not the case so much anymore. Wooden garage doors had the draw of being extremely affordable and so purchasing one was an easy decision. As other types of garage doors become more common and easier to manufacture the wooden garage door has not seen the same lowering in price and so has become less common. However, the wooden garage door still has many advantages. It is still remarkably inexpensive and is the look that most homeowners want from their garage door. It also naturally insulates your garage a bit without the addition of insulation and will still last you a while if you take care of it. Wooden garage doors are what many of us grew up with and are still the standard when most people think about a garage door. They are extremely flexible when it comes to changing their look throughout the time it spends protecting your home and so is a great choice for those who may not be able to decide on an aesthetic. It is also a great choice for someone who may plan to move in the near future and so you will be able to change the look easily and without spending a lot of money.

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