Wooden Garage Doors

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We have already gone through two of the most common materials used for garage doors so now we are going to look at another. If you guessed that give yourself a pat on the back, it really wasn't too hard though. Today we are looking at the original material used for most garage doors, wood. It has a number of pros and cons just like all of the other garage doors we have gone through already, but again it is important to learn about all the different possible materials available. Just like in any other situation different materials affect the design of things in different ways, in order to know which one suits your house and your family best you could certainly <a href="https://www.omahagaragedoor.repair/free-estimate"> ask a garage door professional for their opinion </a> or you could read more about the differences between the materials in their application to garage doors. One sounds more fun than the other, but they both will result in you hopefully knowing some useful information that could help you in the future to better your home. So stay tuned or keep reading to learn more about how wooden garage doors may or may not be the perfect garage door for you.

The wooden garage door is the original garage door and so has a lot of classic aesthetic appeal. Many garage doors hope to look like a wooden garage door, but nothing looks quite as like a wooden garage door as a wooden garage door does. It's funny how things work that way. Many older homes or country styled homes pursue the aesthetic of an older home or barn for their garage and so real wooden garage doors work perfect for this. They can be painted any number of colors, stained, sanded and then painted all over again. The wooden garage door offers a fair bit of flexibility when it comes to different stylings but when choosing a style it is important to remember that the style will need to be maintained. Natural wood with a simple stain, multiple painted tones, etc. all allow for a great variety of different aesthetic styles meaning that with a wooden garage door nearly any home's aesthetic can be complemented correctly.

Wood doors also offer the opportunity for windows, something that has become increasingly popular today and will most likely continue to be very popular. Wooden garage doors work easily with windows and so are often fitted with hem to add another layer of aesthetic style to them. Windows make the garage door look more like the rest of the home and add little embellishments as well as let light into what otherwise might be a gloomy dark garage.

Despite their low cost wooden garage doors are also better natural insulators than steel or aluminum garage doors. With all of this sad it would seem that an out of the box wooden garage door would be better than an out of the box steel garage door and end up costing less. At first glance this would be a correct appraisal, but wooden garage doors require significant amount of maintenance just like any wooden outdoor furniture or structure would. They also are much harder to insulate than steel or aluminum doors because wood expands and shrinks far more easily than your typical metal garage door. This means that in the right climates and right circumstances a wooden garage door may still be the best choice, however for many the main appeal of the wooden garage door is the fact that it is wood and looks like wood. Many people enjoy the natural aesthetic of wood which, while it can be mimicked quite well, is very hard to perfectly match with an aluminum or steel garage door.

While they may have been the first garage doors that everyone got that doesn't mean that they are not the garage door material that everyone should have. For many the aesthetic appeal of the traditional wooden garage door complete with matching windows is unrivaled by the other garage doors and so is really the only choice. However for most others the wooden garage door is most likely not the best option for them anymore. They are tougher to insulate and so often end up being less efficient energy wise and at sound reception than another type of garage door. The low cost may be an initial draw to the wooden garage door, but you will quickly see that the increase in maintenance costs and the hassle when compared to other materials that could be used for your garage door the wooden garage door is most likely not worth it.

The wooden garage door is now relegated to only a few homes because it is no longer the best choice for as wide a range of different people. If your home has a wooden garage door there is of course no reason to replace it needlessly if it is working well and in good shape, but owners of new homes or anybody looking to buy a new garage door should know that going with natural wood does have many drawbacks. Things like rot, wood splitting, and bugs are just things that come with using natural wood as opposed to other materials. The wooden garage door has its place in astray and for many purists seeking to have a historically accurate home or a garage door that replicates the wood finish they want perfectly, but otherwise it is oftentimes not the smartest choice. Before jumping to the conclusion that the same material used for your garage door twenty years ago is the same material that you want for your brand new garage door for your brand new home. With that said it is a good idea to take a look at whether you have your heart set on a wooden garage door and despite whether you do or don't you should still talk to your garage door installer and make sure that they aren't totally against the idea.

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