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Your Garage Door Matters

Home owners, in terms of home improvement, fall on a spectrum with two ends there are the do-it-yourselfers and the call-someone-for-everythingers. That second term hasn’t quite caught on yet but once somebody figures out a better way to say the acronym I am sure you will be seeing it everywhere. Regardless most home owners fall somewhere in the middle and enjoy knowing when they are out of their depth of expertise and when they can save a bit of money and be rewarded with doing a project themselves. A garage door installation or garage door repair certainly falls near the "I think we should call someone" end of the spectrum as far as home improvement projects go. Your problem may be as simple as a dry belt that needs greasing or it could be something much larger, the problem is while many of us use a garage door every day it is a whole other animal to take it apart and find out what might be wrong with it. A skill set that is honest going to waste if you are only fixing your own garage door once in a blue moon. It seems we've gotten ahead of our selves though, what I'm here to talk about today is the importance of your garage door.

You presumably put a lot of thought into how your home looks, there are hundreds of styles and aesthetics inside and out to choose from, combine, and alter to your tastes and needs. Your garage door is something that most likely is visible from the street or at the very least from your walkway to the door which means that any visitors you have will see it as well as yourself. With that type of visibility it seems like the type of thing you might want to put some thought into when choosing how you want it too look and operate. You will have tons of companies to choose from like Wayne Dalton, Genie, Liftmaster, Janus, Chi, Linear and Amarr, as well as tons of different styles to choose from so why not sit down and give it a moments thought? Do you want simple vinyl to roll down when you need to cover your car when it's in the garage, or do you want a welcoming display of wood and glass the spectacularly lifts to greet you when you pull into the driveway? These are the decisions you need to make about how you want people to be greeted when they come to your home or the type of thing you see every morning and evening when you get the car. You will also decide the type of thing you see from the inside if you are frequently inside your garage as well as what goes with your house best. On top of all of the aesthetic decisions you will need to make there are the decisions that for many are even more important, how it works.

A family of five and a man in his late thirties will have different houses for different reasons. In the same line of thinking they would most likely have at least slightly different garage doors to go with those different houses. The look of your garage in many cases will most likely be secondary to the actual function of the garage and garage door. When you are getting your garage door installed you will most likely be hoping for the basics, it opens when you want it to and closes when you want it to. Otherwise it keeps people out and pests out and doesn't make a whole to of noise while doing it all. These are some pretty simple wishes for any homeowner to have when it comes to their garage door, but why be so narrow-minded? Your garage door is quite literally a giant door into your home, which if you are a metaphorical thinking type should mean a lot to you. If your garage is more than a place to store your car or cars while you aren't using them let it reflect that. However, most importantly you need to trust it to do its job. A garage door should shut easily and keep people and pests out when you want to, which is extremely important when you think of all the space it covers and protects from the elements and the outside world.

So when you are thinking of replacing your garage door, installing one on your new house, or simply getting that terrible noise it recently started making checked remember that it is a pretty important piece of complicated machinery. You most likely take it for granted for the most part, but imagine if it stopped working Monday morning an hour before your commute. You would certainly be cursing yourself for using that guy your friend said could give you a deal instead of a true professional that made you proud to close off your garage from the public and keep your garage workspace private. So before you think that your garage door doesn't matter when compared to the rest of your house, think again and try brainstorming your dream home with any old garage door and see the difference it makes.