Your Garage Sports Den

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Nearly everyone has a garage, at least at some point in their lives. Most however use that to store their cars and any variety of junk. Obviously that junk is actually meaningful to you and if you are a big car person you may even really enjoy the fact that you get to house your car in your garage, keeping it free from things like weather and dust. However, for most people the garage is just a place where a bunch of your things gather dust and are used somewhat often. That doesn't have to be the way though, your garage can be transformed into any sort of reflection of you or how you are hoping lead your life. Your garage should help to make your life easier and more enjoyable. One way that some families choose to make the most out of their garage space is to not use it for cars at all. This opens up a large amount of space that can be used for any number of other things. With the outdoor nature of garages sports are in some ways a no brainer of a collaboration there. In this article we are going to go through just a few of the ways to make your garage not only sports equipment friendly, but sport friendly as well. 

The first thing to do if you are looking to turn your garage into a sport emporium is to clean it up. While sports are dirty and played outside for the most part that doesn’t mean that the equipment should make you hesitate to use it or gag at the smell. A clean garage is essentially the easiest way to start any garage related project and so it never hurts to do a quick clean of your garage every so often in order to make things easier for you and your family. Of course because we are talking about your sports equipment and what not you won’t need to make sure the whole thing is squeaky clean, but some minor sweeping and picking up things will definitely be worth it.

The second thing you can do to turn any old garage into your own personal sporting good’s store is to buy or otherwise get yourself some organizational or storage units specifically for sporting equipment. This will help you save space and also make sure that things are being stored properly while being easily accessible. This type of storage equipment is most likely available at your local sporting goods store or you can simply look online to figure out what different things will work for you and the equipment you have. Specifically designed storage equipment will make your life tons easier and make things much simpler to set up and keep tidy while saving space the entire time. Before pulling the trigger on buying specially designed storage equipment try and plan out how you’ll be using the space. Things like hooks and shelves can replace some of the more ordinarily sized items that need to be stored, which can be installed relatively easily and can be fun DIY projects.

Next up is to make the whole garage your own. If you are playing a sport there is a pretty good chance that you watch that same sport and have a bit of an allegiance to a team or a player or two. Use your extra space to make some aesthetic touches that will inspire you to play your best or reminisce. A few trophies and medals as well as some game balls and anything with an autograph on it will look great on walls and shelves and will let any visitors know what sports and teams you’re all about. In affection to making sure that the wrong type of fan doesn’t wander into your home you will also be able to store all of your sports related things all in one spot. This means that whenever a competitive mood strikes you or you just feel like you could use the pick me up that only adrenaline and nostalgia can give you, you can just head straight to your garage. 

While playing and rooting for your favorite sports can be great on its own there is another way to make your garage even more of a sports center. A small tv or radio will bring your garage experience to a whole new level. Your sports den can finally be complete when you finish watching a game and can look up at one of your old trophies before grabbing a ball or something as you go out to play around with your kid. It’s the perfect way to meld the two worlds together and to showcase something that is important to you. Whether it’s a small radio or a huge projection television screen, watching or listening to your favorite players and teams will turn a dingy garage into one of your favorite rooms in your house. If you really want to make waves think about using that huge garage door of yours as the base for your projection screen when you have friends over and you will be the talk of the neighborhood (hopefully in a good way). The garage door makes a perfect spot for your screen to go, bringing your garage sports den to the highest level of awesome.

Garages that simply hold your things and a car or two are extremely functional, but sometimes functional is just boring. If you are a big sports fan, a big athlete, or maybe just have a family that has a lot of sports they care about, think about opting for a sports den garage and involve the whole family if you can to make your garage just another great room in your house. If you have questions about things like insulating your garage and garage door, planning how to organize your space or maybe installing more complicated shelving systems feel free to talk to local professionals in order to get the help you need to make a great garage into a legendary sports den.

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