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We always give free estimates. No cost or obligation.

We want you to make an informed choice about your garage door.


Every service call starts with a free estimate.

We want you to make an informed choice about your garage door.

Free means free

Our free estimates are cost-free, obligation-free, and asterisk-free.

Same-day service

Our technicians can give you a free estimate the same day you call us.

In-person estimates

Our technicians will visit your home and personally inspect your door when preparing your free estimate.

Flexible estimates

Our free estimates give you several options for how we fix your garage door.

Experienced technicians

Most of our technicians have worked on garage doors for 5+ years. They're garage door-whisperers.

Transparent quotes

Our free estimates tell you the exact price for us to fix your garage door.

Thorough inspection

We have a 25-point checklist we use to inspect every garage door. You won't need to call us again.

Single service call

We can start working on your garage door immediately after discussing your free estimate with you. Our trucks are fully stocked.


Free Estimates

We want you to make the right choice for you about fixing your garage door.

We start every service call with a free estimate.

We start every service call with a free estimate.

We're always transparent.

Garage doors are complex mechanical systems that can break in a surprising number of different ways. So, we want you to understand exactly what's wrong with your garage door. And, exactly what we can do to get your garage door working again. This is why we give our customers free estimates. Our free estimates clearly state all of your options for how we fix your garage door and the cost of each service option.

We know we promise a lot with our service. We've put a few reviews below from popular websites, so you can see how our customers feel about our free estimates and our work on their garage doors.

Jerry needed a new garage door.

We gave him a free estimate for his new garage door.

He was happy with the price we quoted and our explanation of the work involved.

“Highest recommendation! They contacted me right away and did the estimate the next day. The prices were great and they took the time to explain about the door and installation. They installed and it was awesome. All were very friendly and professional. They are the best!”

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Jerry O.

Jessica's garage door needed repairs.

We gave her a free estimate for the work her garage door needed.

Now, Jessica recommends us 100%.

“Called precision to look at my garage door, They sent out James to look at it within a couple of hours that same day! He gave me a free estimate and fixed the garage door for me the next morning. I will definitely be using them in the future & 100% recommend using them. James provided excellent customer service and did a quality job on my garage door!”

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Jessica Pettit

Tony's garage door needed work. Plus, his remotes and keypads didn't work.

We gave him a free estimate for fixing his garage door, remotes, and keypads.

We got his garage door, keypads, and remotes fixed quick. Now, he recommends us to other folks.

“Quick to come for estimate. Quick install. Trouble with getting the remotes and keypad to work. Rick came and figured things out and got everything up and running!”

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Tony Kaplan

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of good questions about our free estimates and how our service calls work. Here's our answers to some of the important and frequent questions.

Are your free estimates really free? Are there any hidden costs?
Our free estimates are really free and have no hidden costs. You pay nothing for us to visit your home, inspect your garage door, and prepare an estimate.
Are there any caveats or limitations on your free estimates?
There are no caveats, limitations, or other small text associated with our free estimates. We provide free estimates every day of the week, every time of the day, every holiday, and for every other exception you can imagine.
What is included in a free estimate?
Our free estimate starts with a systematic, 25-point inspection of your garage door. This lets you know the condition of each part of your garage door. Next, the estimate gives our recommendation for repairing your garage door. Last, the estimate explains the costs for our recommended work on your garage door.
Can you prepare a free estimate and fix my garage door in one visit?
Yes, for repairs we almost always provide a free estimate and perform repairs during the same visit. Our trucks are fully stocked with standard garage door parts, e.g. openers, springs, rollers, etc., so our technician will have everything necessary for completing garage door-related repairs in a single visit.

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  • We provide no-obligation estimates and can work with your budget.
  • We use best-in-industry springs, openers, and other hardware.
  • We give free warranties for all of the springs and other parts we use.