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PDS 801 Garage Door Opener Reliable, quiet, and safe.

The PDS 801 garage door opener is built to be ultra-quiet, ultra-efficient, and ultra-reliable.



The PDS 801 features sturdy construction, long-lasting hardware, and quiet operation at a competitive price.

Energy Efficient

The PDS 801 includes several energy reducing design choices and features.

Quiet Operation

The PDS 801 uses variable speed technology to decrease noise and increase lifespan.

Belt Drive or Chain Drive

The PDS 801 supports both the extra-quiet belt drive and extra-sturdy chain drive.

Safety First

The PDS 801 detects obstructions and prevents closing the garage door until the obstruction is moved.

Better Ventilation

The PDS 801 supports partially opened positions so that you can improve your garage's ventilation.

Secure, Long-Range Remote

The PDS 801 features robust security technology and a remote sensor that is effective at long ranges.

Wall Station

The PDS 801 wall station features large, clearly labeled controls with back-lit illumination and a vacation mode.

Self Diagnostics

The PDS 801 operator performs regular self diagnostics to make sure the operator is working correctly and displays errors by flashing the built-in light.

PDS 801

PDS 801 Garage Door Opener

The PDS 801 is an efficient, quiet, fully-featured, and reliable garage door opener at a competitive price.

The PDS 801 features noise reduction technology that makes operating your garage door quieter and increases the opener's lifespan.

The PDS 801 features noise reduction technology that makes operating your garage door quieter and increases the opener's lifespan.

PDS 801 Garage Door Opener


The PDS 801 garage door opener is exactly what a garage door opener should be: safe, reliable, quiet, efficient, and durable. We built the PDS 801 garage door opener because we felt our customers deserved a better garage door opener. Most available garage door openers have one or two desirable features, but compromise on something else. For instances, several available some garage door openers are reliable but loud. Other available garage door openers are quiet but use parts that wear out quickly. The PDS 801 includes all of the important features for a modern garage door opener, makes no compromises, a.nd is available at a competitive price.


We've prepared a brochure with additional information about the features and technical specifications of the PDS 801 garage door opener. The brochure is available as a PDF file and can be downloaded via the following link:



We've summarized the important features for the PDS 801 garage door opener below.

Superior Design

  • Eco-friendly construction.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Interchangeable belt and chain drive.
  • Produces 800 Newtons of lifting power.
  • Works with 7', 8', 10' T- and I-rails.
  • Secure, long-range remote.
  • Self-diagnostic system monitors opener.
  • Self-contained backup battery available.

Superior Features

  • Energy-saving operation reduces power use.
  • Variable speed operation reduces noise and vibration.
  • Choose belt drive for extra-quiet operation or chain drive for extra-reliable operation.
  • Safety eyes prevent the garage door's closure when an object is underneath the garage door.
  • Remote control uses high-security technology to protect your garage.
  • Wall station features large, easy-to-read controls and illumination via backlight.
  • Courtesy light is bright and intelligently reduces energy use when drawing power from built-in battery.
  • Easy manual operation via operator's quick-disconnect trolley.

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