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Garage Door Rollers We use ultra-quiet and ultra-durable nylon and steel rollers.

Our nylon and steel rollers will make your garage door much quieter.


Garage Door Rollers

We use ultra-durable and ultra-quiet nylon rollers to keep your garage door running smooth.

We use high-quality rollers with nylon tires, thirteen ball bearings, and a zinc-plated stem to reduce corrosion.

We use high-quality rollers with nylon tires, thirteen ball bearings, and a zinc-plated stem to reduce corrosion.

Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers carry your garage door along overhead tracks that move the garage door into the open and close positions. Garage door rollers are an important part of your garage door because they provide low-friction movement to the door along its tracks. The standard roller has a tire and stem built from steel, which is responsible for much of the loud, grating noise you might associate with opening and closing your garage door. The standard roller also has fewer ball bearings, which increase friction, vibrations, and noise.

We use rollers designed to be much quieter than standard rollers. Our roller's nylon tire absorbs much of the noise and vibration standard steel rollers produce when moving. Our rollers use more ball bearings, which decrease friction as the door moves on the tracks and also reduces noise. And, our rollers are zinc plated, which greatly increases their resistance to corrosion.

We have lots of enthusiastic reviews for our rollers and other hardware. Customers often ask us to make their garage doors quieter; We do. We've placed a few of these reviews from popular customer-review websites below.


Marty needed a quieter garage door. Our technician, James, installed new openers and new rollers.

Now, Marty's door is practically silent.

“We are very happy with the 2 new PDS800 openers that James installed for us. They are SO much quieter than the old ones, and the new rollers on the large door has made it virtually silent. Thanks!”

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Marty Nelson


We setup Dana with a complete new garage door and hardware.

He's very happy with the new garage door and how quiet it is.

“We love our new garage door. It seals great, moves great, looks great, and sounds quiet. :-) All at a great price. Rick did a fantastic job installing it for us.”

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Dana Richter-Egger


Al needed a new garage door, opener, and hardware.

We got the door installed in two days and likes his new, quieter garage door.

“Our garage door broke and they were there within 3 hours to secure it and give us an estimate. Two days later they came to install the new door and motor. The motor is super quiet and the door is built like a tank. We appreciate their professionalism and superior quality product. Arnold and his crew did a super job installing everything! Highly recommend!”

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Al W.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of good questions about our 24/7 and emergency garage door repair service. Here's our answers to some of the important and frequent questions.

Why did my garage door's rollers break?
Garage door rollers usually break for two reasons. First, corrosion and friction can gradually wear standard garage door rollers down over time. Standard rollers can be susceptible to moisture and corrosion. Garage door rolls also break when another part of the garage door breaks, e.g. a spring or cable.
Why are my garage door rollers so loud?
Standard garage door rollers have a metal tire, which rolls along the metal garage door tracks. Every bump and jostle you hear is the metal tire sliding along the metal track.
Can I make my existing garage door rollers quieter?
Usually this is not possible. The metal tires are responsible for much of the noise and the solution to this problem is using a different material for the tires. The rollers' ball bearings are also totally encased, so maintenance on the ball bearings is not possible.

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