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Garage Door Springs We use the longest-lasting springs in the industry.

Our springs last roughly five to ten times longer than standard garage door springs.


Garage Door Springs

We replace broken garage door springs every day. We can replace your garage door's springs, too.

We use garage door springs that last five to ten times longer than industry standard springs.

We use garage door springs that last five to ten times longer than industry standard springs.

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are the hardest working part of your garage door. The springs provide most of the force necessary for opening and closing your garage door. This is hard work because the typical garage door weighs several hundred pounds. Since a garage door's springs do so much work when opening and closing your door, they gradually wear down and eventually break.

All garage door springs eventually break, but our springs last two to five times longer than industry standard springs. Garage door spring lifespan is rated in cycles, which measures the number of times a spring can open and close a garage door before breaking. Standard garage door springs are rated for 5,000 to 10,000 cycles. This means the standard garage door spring will open and close your door roughly 5,000 to 10,000 times before breaking and that the springs will break in a few years. Our springs are rated for 25,000 to 50,000 cycles and should last at least a decade.

We know our garage door springs are great. Our customers also love our springs because of their reliability. We have enthusiastic reviews about our garage door springs on every platform. We've put a few reviews about our springs below for you to read over.

Yelp Review

We replaced the springs on Andrew's double garage door the day after they broke.

Andrew was happy with the new springs. The service was quick and the technician was helpful.

“The double door garage spring decided to break during the evening hour. After checking Yelp, I left an email request for service. The following morning, a reply came in and repairs were completed within the next several hours. The employee was efficient, quick with the repairs, and explained the cost, the replacement benefits, and took 25 minutes to complete the task. I would definitely say prior reviews on Yelp were factual and helpful for me to pick the right company.”

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Andrew S.

Google Review

Bianca's garage door springs broke and damaged her door. We helped her replace both.

We got the work done for less money than other companies quoted her. And, we got the work done sooner.

“Patrick responded to my initial call when my spring broke. He was very helpful. He contacted another coworker to assist with straightening and securing the garage door. He review replacement door options, the cost was lower than I had been quoted by another company and Patrick was upfront about the next steps to ensure that there were no surprises. Earlier than the estimated date, I received a call to schedule the replacement door installation. James & Colton arrived as scheduled, helped me to clear the work area of all of my garage storage and installed the replacement door. It is truly a beauty. My first thought was, now I need to power wash my house. I am so pleased with the service and professionalism that I received at Precision Garage Door Omaha! Thank you.”

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Bianca Johnson

Facebook Review

Michael's garage door springs broke. And, damaged his garage door's tracks, too.

We got Michael's door working again, quick, and with much better springs than he's had before.

“5 Stars are not enough for Rick and Sean, if I could give 10 stars, I would. Garage door issues always happen at the worst time. Rick and Sean came in and it was readily apparent this "wasn't their first rodeo!" Spring and track had broke necessitating full replacement. They had it installed in no time and it was SO much better than we had before. Can't say "THANK YOU" enough. Appreciate you guys! Michael Sesemann”

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Michael Sesemann

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of good questions about our 24/7 and emergency garage door repair service. Here's our answers to some of the important and frequent questions.

Why did my garage door spring break?
Garage door springs are designed to fully open and close a garage door a specific number of times before wearing out. This is the number of "cycles" the garage door spring is rated for. As a garage door spring's number of used cycles gets closer to the number of cycles it was designed to withstand, the more likely it is a garage door spring will break.
Another service company just replaced my springs! Why did they break again so soon.
Most garage door service companies and contractors use springs rated for enough cycles to last one to three years. You need to use higher quality springs for the springs to last longer. We use springs built to last for a decade.
Can you sell me a garage door spring? I watched a youtube video...
We do not sell springs for our customers own safety. Garage door springs can suddenly unleash several hundred pounds of force when incorrectly handled. The result can be similar to getting kicked in the head by a horse.
Should I replace both springs when one breaks?
Usually we recommend customers replace both springs when one spring breaks. If one spring has broken, then this means the other spring is likely nearing the end of its useful lifespan.
Which type of springs does my garage door need?
This depends on the type of garage door system you have installed in your home. Our technicians will identify the type of garage door spring you need when inspecting the door. Our technicians also carry many different types of springs on their truck, so they do not need to know the type of springs your door requires in advance.

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