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Amarr Olympus Protection and insulation.

The Amarr Olympus garage door is a traditional garage door with exceptionally sturdy construction and great insulation.


Amarr Olympus Garage Door

The Olympus garage door offers a traditional design, tough construction, and great insulation.

The Olympus garage door with custom blue panels.

The Olympus garage door with custom blue panels.



The Olympus offers traditional style, sturdy construction, and outstanding insulation. This garage door line is one of our popular garage doors because of the line's traditional style, variety of options, durable construction, and effective insulation against Nebraska's hot summers and cold winters. The Olympus has several options that will suit all practical and aesthetic considerations.


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We've summarized the Amarr Olympus garage door's important features below.

Energy Efficient

Insulated garage doors maintain the temperature in your garage and lower your total home energy cost, especially if your garage is next to any conditioned, living areas. Varying thicknesses and types of insulation provide increased thermal properties, quieter door operation, and increased energy efficiency

Quiet Door

The opening and closing of your garage door no longer has to be loud and disruptive. The Quiet Door option reduces door operation noise of steel garage doors by up to 38%*. That's the same noise reduction as going from the sound of a vacuum cleaner to the sound of a running shower.

Wind Resistance

WindPro wind load reinforced doors are built specifically to withstand specific high-wind pressures with an interior reinforcement system. Wind load reinforcement can be added to practically all doors to meet local building codes. Simply choose the door style that is right for you and we will confirm what wind load door is required in your area.

Mosaic Window

With Mosaic Window options, you add visual interest to your contemporary, mid-century modern or transitional home by creating your door design and the number and location* of windows. Just like your home, your garage door should be a reflection of your personal style.


  • Available in Triple-layer construction with 1-3/8" or 2" polyurethane insulation for door R-values of 13.35 - 19.40.
  • Heavy-gauge, nominal steel is coated in a five-layer paint system for long-lasting durability.
  • Available with wind load reinforcement specifically built to withstand specific high-wind pressures to meet local building codes.


Superior energy efficient, permanent, stamped steel traditional (2) and modern (1) designs; Long-lasting, factory finished paint colors (8) including Amarr Color Zone with over 700 Sherwin Williams colors to choose from; Windows are available in DecraGlass or double-strength, obscure, Frost, Dark Tint or insulated glass options for desired visible light transmission (VLT) and design; DecraTrim window inserts (6) for complementary design to your home.


  • CFC, HFC, and HCFC Free.
  • Zero ozone depletion potential.
  • Zero global warming potential.
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations.


Panel Colors

The following colors are standard options for this garage door. In addition to the colors below, we can order over 700 additional colors. Ask our technician about additional color options.


Panel Options

  • short-panel-closed-sp-true-white

    Short Panel

  • long-panel-closed-lp-true-white

    Long Panel

  • flush-panel-closed-fl-true-white

    Flush Panel


Window Options

  • short-panel-closed-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-clear-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-mosaic-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-stockton-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-prairie-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-cathedral-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-cascade-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-waterford-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-wagon-wheel-sp-true-white

    Wagon Wheel

  • short-panel-wagon-wheel-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-victorian-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-riviera-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-chalet-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-americana-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-heartland-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-mission-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-prairie-decraglass-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-jardin-sp-true-white


  • short-panel-trellis-sp-true-white


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